We all LOVE manifestation stories, don’t we? They help us understand and believe that we, too, can truly manifest our reality.

Can LOA Heal Deep Trauma and Wounds? (Client Story)

Have you been feeling a bit weird lately? A bit off? It turns out that this ascension business can come with some side effects, many of which you may already be experiencing.

7 Symptoms of Ascension

I had the supreme pleasure of being interviewed by Tony and Claudia Scimeca, on the Going Home with Tony Show last week. Here’s the awesome result!

Learn to Manifest Your Desires (Podcast)

Does Tapping work? And if so, how?

How Does EFT Work?

Is the traditional model of therapy dead?

Is Therapy Obsolete Now That We Have LOA?

A therapist asks how she can help those CAN’T understand LOA or who don’t feel emotions the way we do.

How Does LOA Explain Those Who Cannot Seem to Feel Emotions?

If all healing actually takes place in the mind, then why do we need so many different healing modalities, like EFT, Reiki, Medicine, etc?

Why Do We Need Different Healing Methods?

Would everyone be better off if they knew about LOA, energy healing or alternative medicine? Is Modern Medicine evil?

Does Modern Medicine Make Things Worse?

A reader shares her experience of how she healed her persistent and recurring health issue by using LOA principles.

An Example Of Manifesting Healing By Shifting A Belief

Dr. Max Gerson pioneered a nutritional approach to curing cancer, which actually happened to work! Watch today’s video to find out more.

Updated: You’ve Had The Power To Cure Cancer All Along, Dorothy!