What, exactly, is intuition? And what part does it play in the Law of Attraction? Are you attracting stuff, or is the stuff attracting you?

How Does Intuition Work?

When you have a feeling that something will go wrong and it comes true, was that your intuition or was it LOA? What’s the difference?

What Exactly Is Intuition?

This reader wants to know if her aversion to S&M is resistance or her intuition telling her to run.

Help! My Partner Wants To Try Some S&M!

Some astrologers seem to be uncannily accurate? Is there something to astrology or is it just a bunch of BS?

Is Astrology Real Or Just A Bunch Of BS?

Today I answer questions about anger and how it pertains to authority figures, the Old Testament, people with bad tempers and the emotional scale.

Questions About Anger

If you feel the urge to leave a relationship, are you sabotaging yourself out of fear, or is it your intuition telling you it’s over?

Dear LOA: Is My Urge to Leave My Boyfriend Intuition or Fear?

A book review of “The Intuition Principle” by Angela Artemis. Also could’ve been called “How to Become Authentic”, or “How to Become a Happy Shiny Puppy.”

The Intuition Principle – How To Attract The Life You Dream Of

Because I’ve mentioned channeling on several occasions, many of you have sent me questions about this subject. I’d like to address the most common of these today.

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Channeling

When we sense danger, how do we know if it’s one of our beliefs going awry, or if our intuition is telling us to get the hell out? Should you ignore the fear and push through, or honor it and run away?

When You Sense Danger: Is It Intuition or Prejudice?

When talking about metaphysics and the law of attraction, we spend a great deal of time discussing our ability to use our intuitive senses. “Use your intuition” we’re told. But what exactly is intuition and how do we go about developing this sixth sense?

How to Develop Your Intuition