An exploration of the Coronavirus from a Law of Attraction point of view. How did we manifest this? And how to weather this storm.

CoronaVirus: Why/how did we manifest this?!

2020 has the potential to be the best year yet, or a volatile fight. Here’s how to line your energy up with the awesome and avoid the crap.

7 Powerful Intentions for an Amazing 2020

When we shine out light, it can cause others to react quite badly. Why is that? And what can we do about it?

Why Do Others React Badly To Your Light?

If you’re watching this video, you’re definitely a leader of the light. But… what does that mean, exactly? What are leaders of the dark? And if everyone a leader?

Are You a Leader of the Light?

YAAAAY! Today’s a BIG day for me (and I hope for you, too!). Our new super-duper, mega-awesome Portal is finally ready! Yep, I’ve been talking about this for about a year… but today is FINALLY the day!

Who You Are and What You’re Here For! (Our New Portal is LIVE!)

Have you been noticing that things are getting a bit “wonky” lately? Is your memory weird? Do you have brain fog? Are you feeling a bit… off? Does time seem to be doing strange things? Well, you’re not going crazy. Something is definitely happening. And it’s a BIG thing. An exciting thing. And if you’re experiencing this, I’ve got some amazing news for you about who you are and what you’re here for.

Why So Much Chaos Now??? October 2019 Energy Update | 2020 Forecast

Why does simply changing your thoughts sometimes work, while at other times, it totally doesn’t? And what can you do instead?

LOA Troubleshooting – Trying to Change Negative Thoughts

If you’ve ever sacrificed yourself in order to “help” someone else, or if you feel guilt or shame around the idea of NOT helping someone in “need”, this video is definitely for you.

How To Be an Uplifter Without Sacrificing Yourself

How can we know which ideas are the “right” ones and when to take action?

How Do You Know When To Take Action?

Find out in today’s video why Yoga and Meditation can be so helpful, but why you should never force yourself to do them.

Why You Shouldn’t Force Yourself To Meditate Or Do Yoga