How do people who are clearly unhappy manage to manifest so much money? And why do we have to do the work of getting happy if they don’t?!

Dear LOA: If I Have To Raise My Vibration To Get Money, How Do Douchebags Ever Get Rich?

How can you feel good about becoming rich when all the rich people you see on TV seem to be evil douchebags?

Dear LOA: How Can I Stop Hating The Rich?

Is it ok for us to charge for spiritually aligned services? Here’s the most encompassing answer you’ll ever read.

Shouldn’t All Spiritual Services Be Free Of Charge?

I use this MEGA METAPHOR to help shift my client’s money energy. Today, I’m sharing it with you. You’re welcome.

For The Love Of Money

Do you feel like you’re making less of a contribution to your family than your salary earning partner? Let my ranting convince you to give that crap up!

Dear LOA: I feel Guilty Because My Partner Makes The Money

Raising your money vibration is great, but how can you do that when you can’t pay your bills RIGHT NOW? Here’s some emergency financial LOA:

How Do You Focus Positively On Money When The Bills Are Overdue?

Aren’t we supposed to feel bad for those who are less fortunate? Isn’t NOT feeling bad the same as abandoning them? No. And No. Feeling guilty about having more money doesn’t actually help those who have less than you. In fact, it can keep you from manifesting what you want. Here’s why:

Do You Feel Guilty About Having More Money Than Others? Part 2

You get what you focus on. So, by focusing on your worst fear, you’re going to manifest it, or other experiences that feel just like it. Period. So stop adding to the economic crisis, already! Here’s how:

Economic Crisis? What Economic Crisis? Part 1

While one blog post can’t address all the limiting beliefs people hold about money, this post can address some ways in which you can raise your GENERAL money vibration, and begin the process of making money your bitch. Are you ready to become one of the freakin’s awesome cool rich?

Becoming a Money Magnet – How To Make Money Your Bitch

Can you use the law of attraction to win the lottery? Yes, but it’s hard. Here’s why:

Can I Use The Law Of Attraction To Win The Lottery?