What are you supposed to do when your bundle of joy makes you want to tear your hair out? How can you remain Zen when they won’t go to bed, refuse to eat their veggies, and throw tantrums at the worst possible moments?

High Vibrational Parenting Tips

In today’s video, I explore what I like to call the “Taming of the Shrew Syndrome”, where we basically ask others to complete a series of impossible to win tests in order to prove their love, affection, loyalty or whatever. This works great in Disney movies. It doesn’t work at all in real life.

Taming of the Shrew Syndrome (or How Disney Ruined You) | Crazy Bitch Syndrome Part 2

This reader focused on a man loving her and now he does? Did she make it happen and is his love real?

Dear LOA: Can I Make Someone Fall In Love With Me?

A reader has fallen in love with another man, but doesn’t want to hurt her family. What does the Law of Attraction say?

Dear LOA: Is It Ok If I Leave My Husband For Another Man?

What if you find yourself in a totally dysfunctional relationship with someone you love? Do you run like hell, or can the relationship be saved?

Should You Fix Your Dysfunctional Relationship Or Run Like Hell?

No one mirrors our annoying crap back to us quite like our family does. But how to do make peace with a relative whom you just want to slap? How to move to a better feeling place when you just can’t seem to get there?

How To Stop Wanting To Slap Your Sister In Law

If you find a man who’s almost perfect, should you hang on to him, or wait for someone better? Will the Law of Attraction make you settle, or can you manifest the perfect man?

Can I Use The Law Of Attraction To Find The Perfect Man?

When someone breaks up with us, it hurts like a mofo. But it’s not because of the reasons you think it is. And there is a way back to happy, shiny puppy land. Read this post, inspired by a reader’s question to find out how to mend our broken heart.

Using The Law of Attraction To Get Over A Breakup

How do you always go from absolute bliss and perfection to “what the hell was I thinking?” There’s a perfect explanation for why relationships go bad and once you understand it, you can begin to attract a very different kind of partner.

Why You Keep Attracting Psychos and Other Reasons That Relationships Go Bad

A reader asked the question: How can we keep our own vibration high, when one sibling complains about another and we’re stuck in the middle? Why are some people such drama queens?

How Can We Keep Our Family’s Vibration From Affecting Us?