This reader has started “talking” to the energy of her Prince Charming. But whom is she really talking to?

Dear LOA: Whom Am I Talking To When I Connect With Non-Physical Energy?

Attracting an older woman is the same attracting any partner. Here are the step by step instructions you’ll need:

How To Attract An Older Woman (Or Anyone)

This reader focused on a man loving her and now he does? Did she make it happen and is his love real?

Dear LOA: Can I Make Someone Fall In Love With Me?

I use this MEGA METAPHOR to help shift my client’s money energy. Today, I’m sharing it with you. You’re welcome.

For The Love Of Money

What if you attracted your soul mate, but he doesn’t feel the same way? What went wrong?

Dear LOA: What If I Found My Soul Mate, But He Doesn’t Love Me Back?

Use these simple, totally doable techniques to feel truly better FAST!

How Do You Think Happy Thoughts When You’re Sad Inside?

A frustrated reader is struggling with contradictory statements, such as that you have to stop wanting what you want in order to get it.

Is LOA Just A Load Of Contradictory Crap?

These three questions about how to visualize correctly will help you fine tune your own practice!

Quick LOA Questions Volume 16 – Visualization

If people are attracted to someone they’re a match to, how is it that sometimes people first hate each other, but then end up together?

Dear LOA: How Can People Who Initially Hate Each Other Fall In Love?

When the roles of “wife” and “husband” don’t apply, you have no choice but to reinvent your relationship dynamic and your gender identity from scratch. It may benefit us all to do the same thing.

What Gay Couples Can Teach Heteros About Marriage