A reader wonders if her guilty pleasure, watching reality TV, is lowering her vibration. Is it ok to enjoy “trashy” shows like this?

Dear LOA: Is It Ok To Enjoy Reality TV Shows

Sometimes, you just have to get on your soapbox. Even if it means possible being assassinated by Big Pharma’s ninjas.

Apparently I’m About To Be Assassinated For My Awesomeness

What would a society built on personal freedom, which is free from fear and scarcity actually look like? Find out in today’s post!

What Would A Win-Win Society Actually Look Like?

Dr. Max Gerson pioneered a nutritional approach to curing cancer, which actually happened to work! Watch today’s video to find out more.

Updated: You’ve Had The Power To Cure Cancer All Along, Dorothy!

Now, tons has been written about meditation and visualization (including by me), but I haven’t seen anyone really explore how TV shows can affect us energetically except to demonize them. We can use select and deliberately chosen television shows and movies for energetic training purposes as well as entertainment. Here’s how:

Using TV Shows to Stabilize Your Vibration