This caller said her meditations feel really good as she focuses only on positive things. How does this fit into my teachings that we have to allow our negative emotions? Is she doing it wrong? Is this type of meditation just a way to avoid doing the work, or can this actually be helpful? Listen

Do We HAVE TO Engage With Our Negative Emotions During Meditation?

A lot of people struggle with meditation, because they’ve read or heard somewhere that meditation is a really powerful tool.

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What if visualization and/or meditation just don’t work for you? Here are 5 alternatives that work just as well!

5 Alternatives To Visualization And Meditation

What would a society built on personal freedom, which is free from fear and scarcity actually look like? Find out in today’s post!

What Would A Win-Win Society Actually Look Like?

Awesome Dude took his dying uncle’s hand and felt something happen. Now he’s sick. Did he take on his uncle’s illness? And if so, what can he do about it?

Did His Dying Uncle Infect Him On His Deathbed?

How do the masters hold their vibration in any situation?

How do the Masters do it?

Quick questions and answers about LOA, Manifesting, Inspired Action and Cancer.

Quick Questions About LOA and Manifesting Volume 1

Even if completely ignoring our pain causes it to diminish or even go away, is it really possible to completely ignore our physical suffering? Yes. Yes it is. It’s not the easiest thing in the world, but it’s totally doable.

Do This One Thing To Stop Your Suffering Right Now

How do you detach when what you want is to bring another human being into this world and hopefully not screw it up? How do you line up your energy so that you can conceive a child?

Can The Law Of Attraction Help You Get Pregnant?

Why is it, that when some people begin to mediate, their lives actually get worse? Are these people just doing it wrong? Not at all. Here’s what’s happening:

Why Things Can Get “Worse” When You Start Meditating