Find out how to fill your life with moments of magic, which add up to one Big Amazing Experience!

Manifest Moments of Magic Every Day

What do you do when you’ve been working on a manifestations for a LOOOONG time, and you’d really rather just that IT MANIFEST ALREADY GODDAMMIT!

What To Do When You’re Getting Impatient

We never seem to have a shortage of crises in our world, do we? As soon as we stamp out one threat, another one just seems to pop up. Why is that??

What Does LOA Have To Say About ISIS And Ebola And Co.?
Is There a Time Limit on the Manifestation of “Negative” Consequences from Low Vibrational Thoughts and Deeds?

Why do negative manifestations come so quickly and easily while the positive ones make us wait?

Why Is It Easier To Manifest The Negative Than The Positive?

If you raise your vibration, do you still have to put up with random, bad luck? Or will you be immune to all things unwanted?

Do Bad Things Still Happen To High Vibing People?

How can you tell the difference between a manifestation that is there to bring you what you want, or a manifestation that is there so you can release a limiting belief?

How and Why Negative Manifestations Get Our Attention

Does not engaging in the suffering of others require us to rejoice in it? What does Abe say about it?

Does Abe Teach Us To Rejoice In The Suffering Of Others?

I had an experience recently which so perfectly illustrates how our negative manifestations actually serve us. It involves my teeth trying to kill me. Sort of…

How My Teeth Tried To Kill Me And Why I’m Glad They Did

I’ve written extensively about how to release resistance so “negative” events don’t occur again. But what about when someone’s attacking or screaming at you? What do you do then?

Emergency LOA: What To Do When The Sh*t Is Hitting The Fan