Channeling, or receiving messages from your guides or the Universe, is an innate ability. Here’s how to discover and improve this valuable skill.

How to Get Into the Channeling State

Why are you here? Why do you even exist? Is it just some cosmic joke or does the Universe need you? Are you necessary or just superfluous? Watch today’s video and find out what all the fuss is about!

Are You Important To The Universe?

Who thought the first thought? Where did the Universe come from? Today I explore and share my perspective and the answers I’ve received in my meditation and channelling sessions.

What Is The Purpose Of The Universe?

What are stone circles and what can they be used for? Here are my personal experiences so far:

Intro To Stone Circle Technology

What’s it like to talk to animals and plants? What do they have to say?

Adventures In Interspecies Communication

What exactly is an out of body experience, do we have to be scared of them, and can they actually benefit us somehow?

Are Out of Body Experiences Dangerous?

Why does God seem to hate homosexuality, alcohol and adultery? And if he doesn’t then why did we ever think he did?

Does God Hate Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll?

Is there a pre-life contract? Do we have agreements with other souls? And if so, doesn’t that limit our free will?

Dear LOA: Are We Limited By A Pre-Life Plan?

This reader has started “talking” to the energy of her Prince Charming. But whom is she really talking to?

Dear LOA: Whom Am I Talking To When I Connect With Non-Physical Energy?

Do evil spirit guides exist? How do we protect ourselves from them?

Dear LOA: Do We Have To Worry About Evil Spirit Guides?