Watch as I coach one of my students through the prospect of her elderly parents declining and help her find a much more empowering perspective.

An Empowering Way to Deal with Aging Parents

What are you supposed to do when your bundle of joy makes you want to tear your hair out? How can you remain Zen when they won’t go to bed, refuse to eat their veggies, and throw tantrums at the worst possible moments?

High Vibrational Parenting Tips

I had the supreme pleasure of being interviewed by Tony and Claudia Scimeca, on the Going Home with Tony Show last week. Here’s the awesome result!

Learn to Manifest Your Desires (Podcast)

Can teenagers apply the LOA deliberately to the unique challenges they face? Of course they can! Here’s how:

LOA For Teenagers

I hijack this reader’s question about her boyfriend’s anger to make a powerful point about world peace. It needed to be done. Trust me.

What Your Boyfriend’s Anger Has To Do With World Peace

Can you make someone more open minded? Can you cause them to see your point of view when they’re stubbornly arguing against it?

Can I Make My Mother More Open Minded?

Why do some women have an easier time with pregnancy and motherhood than others?

Why Does Pregnancy And Motherhood Have to Be So Hard?

Many of us carry enormous scars from our childhood. Some of these were formed by living through obviously traumatic experiences, but many resulted from seemingly mundane incidents that caused us to form life-long beliefs.

Why Children Blame Themselves

It’s a parent’s job to worry. When the kids are little, they worry that they’ll screw them up for life. When they’re adults, mom and dad worry that they could’ve or should’ve done countless things differently.

Stop Blaming the Parents