At the end of every year, I apply a process that helps me to raise my vibration and then energetically set up the whole next year, plus bring in massive amounts of positive manifestations in January, February and March.

Preparing for 2016 – My End of Year Process

I recently had the opportunity to explore creationism with a very open minded soul who did not believe in evolution. Here’s that conversation.

My Conversation With A Creationist

It’s time to play a MUCH bigger game, people, for BOTH you and me!

Preparing For 2015 – My New Year’s Ritual

Why do negative manifestations come so quickly and easily while the positive ones make us wait?

Why Is It Easier To Manifest The Negative Than The Positive?

Tired of bad news? Here’s what was awesome about 2013 in my opinion. Why not add to it with your own ideas?

8 Awesome Things About 2013

There’s been a lot of focus on tragedies this year. Here’s what went right, in my opinion. Add yours!

7 Awesome Things About 2012

Use this year end process to become a Supercharged Manifesting Magnet in 2013!

Preparing For 2013 – My End Of Year Ritual

How do we tell the difference between thinking positively or pretending that we already have what we want and being in denial? Is there even a difference?

The Difference Between Denial and Positive Thinking

Deliberate Receiving Blog, the quirkly blog where the Law of Attraction finally makes some freaking sense, is one year old! Partay!

Deliberate Receiving Blog Is One Year Old! Yay!!

Being deliberately naïve, consciously unaware of all the problems in the world and holding a vision of what we want the world to be is not immature or stupid. Here’s why:

How Can You Be So Unrealistic?!