You have your one big desire, the thing that’s been driving you forward for years, the thing that maybe even motivated you to start searching for “alternative” information such as reality creation and the law of attraction. You want this thing SOOOO much!

Why is Your Biggest Manifestation Taking So Long?!

If you are sitting with the emotion, it won’t (usually) magically go away.  It can happen that way, but generally not with depression.

What If “Just Feeling” Your Emotions Doesn’t Work?

LOA is all about belief. But are we asking you to blindly believe in these principles, or some guru? Is the LOA nothing more than some kind of cult?

Is LOA a Cult?

What if a fear is so great that it becomes completely debilitating? What about phobias? How do these develop and can we release them using this kind of energy work? Today’s video is dedicated to answering these questions.

Releasing Phobias with LOA

Have you ever wondered why there are so many people being born with mixed heritage these days? In today’s video, I explain the energetic reasons for and benefits of being multi-cultural.

Why Are So Many People Being Born Multi-Cultural Now?

You’ve been screwed over. Should you fight back or walk away? Or, is there another way?

Should I Fight Back or Let It Go?

After all the strides we’ve made as women, is feeling unsafe still even a thing? Why are we so threatened by the proverbial schlong and/or whom it’s attached to?

Is The World Unsafe For Women?

The idea of non-duality and how it fits into all this Law of Attraction stuff is one that many people struggle with.

What Exactly Is Non-Duality?

You can’t be anything BUT worthy. Here’s why…

Are You Worthy?

What exactly is an out of body experience, do we have to be scared of them, and can they actually benefit us somehow?

Are Out of Body Experiences Dangerous?