In May 2016 I delivered a TEDx Talk in Warsaw Poland about finding the Win/Win choice in any situation. Here it is.

The Third Choice (My TEDx Talk!!)

What if a fear is so great that it becomes completely debilitating? What about phobias? How do these develop and can we release them using this kind of energy work? Today’s video is dedicated to answering these questions.

Releasing Phobias with LOA

Many people, and even spiritual teachers, believe that the purpose of this work is to get to a point where you no longer experience any negative emotions. But is this true? Is this belief helpful?

Do We HAVE TO Experience Negative Emotions?

Can you manifest your burning desires by a specific date? Of course you can! Watch today’s video below to find out how.

How To Manifest On A Deadline

This reader’s son had a tragic accident, and may never fully recover. Why did this happen? Can her energy help him?

Why Do People Have Traumatic Accidents?

Right. It’s time for another one of my soul-bearing, vulnerable, pull back the curtain on my own process blog posts.

Where The Hell Have I Been Lately?

I keep saying that this is the best time ever. But if there is no time, then how can that be?

How Can This Be The Best Time Ever If There Is No Time?

A reader asks why her life turned upside down after she focused herself into alignment. Does this happen to everyone?

Why Do Things Go To Hell When We Start Using LOA? (Expectations)

Is there a pre-life contract? Do we have agreements with other souls? And if so, doesn’t that limit our free will?

Dear LOA: Are We Limited By A Pre-Life Plan?

How can you tell the difference between a manifestation that is there to bring you what you want, or a manifestation that is there so you can release a limiting belief?

How and Why Negative Manifestations Get Our Attention