When we shine out light, it can cause others to react quite badly. Why is that? And what can we do about it?

Why Do Others React Badly To Your Light?

Channeling, or receiving messages from your guides or the Universe, is an innate ability. Here’s how to discover and improve this valuable skill.

How to Get Into the Channeling State

The fourth type of crazy bitch behavior, is when we go into dictator or even “mommy” mode. We become condescending and arrogant.

Are You In Dictator Or “Mommy” Mode? | Crazy Bitch Syndrome Part 4

Why do we attract bullies? How can we stop the cycle? Is it ok to stand up to a bully, or are we supposed to have compassion for them? Is it ok to fight back?

What To Do If You’re Being Bullied

People love to hate the Millennials and their entitled attitude. But are they really just brats? Or have their purpose simply been grossly misunderstood?

Dear Millennials: You’re Not Doing It Wrong

A reader wants to be cool, but whenever she tries to be just like the “cool kids”, it doesn’t go well for her. Can she be her weird, non-conformist, wonderful self and still be cool? Watch today’s video to find out how I answered this one!

Can You Be Cool Without Conforming?

A reader asks how she can hope in humanity when it seems that a lot of people enjoy hurting others.

Are People Inherently Evil?

You can’t be anything BUT worthy. Here’s why…

Are You Worthy?

This reader is having abuse lobbed at her from all corners, including her 2 year old. What’s going on and how can she stop it?

Dear LOA: Why Do I Keep Attracting Abusers?

We all have it – the fear of rejection. Today, I’m going to call bullshit on this fear and offer you a different perspective.

How to Overcome Your Fear of Rejection