The fourth type of crazy bitch behavior, is when we go into dictator or even “mommy” mode. We become condescending and arrogant.

Are You In Dictator Or “Mommy” Mode? | Crazy Bitch Syndrome Part 4

People love to hate the Millennials and their entitled attitude. But are they really just brats? Or have their purpose simply been grossly misunderstood?

Dear Millennials: You’re Not Doing It Wrong

Why are you here? Why do you even exist? Is it just some cosmic joke or does the Universe need you? Are you necessary or just superfluous? Watch today’s video and find out what all the fuss is about!

Are You Important To The Universe?

Are you waiting for inspired action or just being lazy? How can you tell the difference? And what if you’re just not motivated to do anything? Has something gone wrong?

Are You Waiting For Inspired Action Or Just Being Lazy?

This reader keeps getting stuck in self-sabotage and self-blame and can’t seem to break free. Here’s my advice to her.

Blaming Yourself vs. Taking Responsibility

What does an aligned writing process look like? What was it like for me to write my book? You asked, I’m answering!

The Process I Used To Write My Book

Can teenagers apply the LOA deliberately to the unique challenges they face? Of course they can! Here’s how:

LOA For Teenagers

How do you find the balance between not caring what others think and being inconsiderate?

If I Don’t Care What Others Think, Won’t I Become An Inconsiderate Bore?

Are you merely existing or really living? This simple concept will remind you to stay present, be here NOW and not throw your moments away.

Are You Forgetting To Take Your Moment?

Can’t get over your childhood trauma? Here’s how to stop letting your past define you!

How To Get Over Your Crappy Childhood