Many of us have this feeling that “something” is coming. What is it, and do we need to do anything to prepare?

Are Things Getting Worse, And If So, What Can We Do About It?

LOA Q&A: Will there be a Tsunami in Florida? Why is there opportunity in difficulty? And can he attract a soul mate with a long life?

Quick LOA Questions Volume 12 – Tsunamis, Silver Linings and Fear of Dead Soul Mates

Does raising awareness with ribbons really make things better? Or is making people more aware of these issues creating more of those problems?

Could Awareness Raising Campaigns Actually Be Making The Problem Worse?

Are conspiracy theories correct? And if so, what can we do about it? The Law of Attraction has answers.

Dear LOA: Is The New World Order Really A Threat?

If the majority of the word’s citizenry focuses on the end of the world, would the world then end, no matter how much your well meaning, meditating hiney focuses on puppies and rainbows?

Dear LOA: If Enough People In The World Believe the World Will End In 2012, Will It?

If we create our own reality, why would we choose to be born into a third world country where people are starving? Why would we choose to create a reality where terrible things happen?

How Does LOA Explain the Suffering of the World?

The last couple of years have been awash with doomsday predictions about what’s to come in the year 2012. The world will end. Tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, and for all we know, Godzilla like monsters will sweep us all right out of existence. So, since it’s 2011, and we supposedly only have about a year to live, I thought I’d do a post about cashing out and living out the rest of our lives on a beach somewhere. Or not. Most of us don’t resonate with the doomsday scenario. But something is definitely happening. So, what exactly is it, and should we be worried at all?

2012 and the End of the World. Not.