If fantasies are simply a kind of visualization, then why don’t things we fantasize about just manifest? Why aren’t we surrounded by sexy vampires?

Dear LOA: Why Don’t Our Fantasies Simply Manifest?

What if visualization and/or meditation just don’t work for you? Here are 5 alternatives that work just as well!

5 Alternatives To Visualization And Meditation

How can we visualize the future while still being in the NOW? Doesn’t one contradict the other? Find out how I answered this reader’s question.

How Can I Feel Good NOW When What I Want Is In The Future?

These three questions about how to visualize correctly will help you fine tune your own practice!

Quick LOA Questions Volume 16 – Visualization

An actor wants to know why he hasn’t gotten any gigs even though he’s been visualizing success. What’s going wrong?

Can I Use LOA To Get Acting Jobs?

What would a society built on personal freedom, which is free from fear and scarcity actually look like? Find out in today’s post!

What Would A Win-Win Society Actually Look Like?

In this post, I use a reader question to take you through the process of finding and releasing resistance and lining up with the energy of what you want. In. Nitty. Gritty. Detail.

An Example of Releasing Resistance in Order to Change a Manifestation

In this edition of the LOA Q&A series, I’ll answer questions about the law of attraction and visualizing, how manifestations appear, and why we notice certain people.

Quick LOA Questions Volume 6 – Visualizing and Manifesting

Is it necessary or even helpful to get specific when you visualize what you want? Do we have to focus on the details or is it better to stay general?

Dear LOA: How Specific Should I Get In My Visualizations?

In the article How to Visualize – The Secret to What Visualization Really Is, I explain that visualization is really just a way to test out your vibration before you let it create your reality.

Are You Good Enough for the Lover You Want?