Are some foods just inherently “good” or “bad”, and if not, how can we tell the difference?

How To Listen To Your Body For Health And Weight Loss

You wanted to know how I’m losing weight in an effortless, torture-free way. Well, today I’m going to tell you.

My (Effortless) LOA Weight Loss So Far…

Meet Terrence, a young man who blames his incredible transformation on what he learned from my book.

LOA Case Study: Massive Weight Loss

This reader has gained weight as part of her process of ascension. Why did this happen and can this be avoided?

Why Does Ascension Have To Be So Damn Uncomfortable?

Napoleon Hill advised readers to make a plan and take action. Was this contradictory to the Law of Attraction? Nope! Here’s why:

Was Napoleon Hill Wrong? (Using Action As A Form Of Energy Work)

What is bulimia from an energy perspective? How can we heal the cause of such compulsive behaviors?

Dear LOA: Can You Help Me Overcome My Eating Disorder?

LOA says to tell a better feeling story. But what if your family and friends won’t let you?

How Can You Tell A Better Story When Others Remember The Old One?

Can you use LOA to change the body? Can you lose or gain weight, or heal illnesses using the Law of Attraction? Yes. Yes you can. Here’s how.

LOA and Healing or Changing The Physical Body

We’ve all met that judgmental, condescending herbivore who not only chooses to partake of animal products, but wants to ruin that pleasure for all others. I’d like to give an explanation of why perfectly normal people turn into Veggiesnobs, and how you can avoid becoming one.

How To Be A Vegan Without Being A Douchebag

As an awkward teenager, I dreamed of being one of those gorgeous women I saw in the magazines. One day, not too long ago, I found a leather bomber jacket, which represented all of that coolness and confidence. It represented the fantasies of who I had wanted to become. And when I tried the jacket on, I had a powerful realization.

How A Leather Jacket Changed My Life