Learn EXACTLY How To manifest your reality consistently!

LOA Academy is run like a college class. We'll be starting another class soon (date TBD). Get on the wait list to be notified the next time we schedule a class. 

The Most Comprehensive LOA Course in Existence Today!

Let's face it. There are A LOT of different LOA courses out there. They all promise to teach you how to manifest your reality. They'll teach you how to "think positively" and "raise your vibration". And there's nothing wrong with that information. It's valid. But it's not enough. Reality Creation is a kind of technology. Imagine that you want to drive a car, or use an iPhone, or use a computer... but you have no idea how. You don't understand the technology. You don't have a user manual. 

Now, imagine that those who came to the planet before you have all kinds of ideas on how to use these items. The iPhone is a paperweight. The car is a sleeping container. And the computer is a small and ineffective heater. 

There's nothing wrong with any of these machines. But if you don't know how to use them, or what they're even capable of, you'll never really benefit from them, much less unlock their full potential. 

The Technology of Reality Creation is the same. 

You've been given the wrong information. You've not been given the user manual. And you've never been told what this technology is truly capable of if properly applied. 

LOA Academy changes all of that. You see, it's not a difficult technology. Just as you don't have to be able to build a car (or iPhone or a computer) in order to learn to drive it, you don't have to learn how to BUILD reality. You just have to understand enough of the framework in order to USE it. When you step on the gas pedal, it makes the car go faster. When you step on the break, it slows you down and stops you. Turning the steering wheel makes the wheels turn, etc.

What actually happens when you "think positively" or "raise your vibration"? 

How do manifestations become physical? 

What's the step by step process by which our reality is created? 

How can we deliberately attract what we want? 

And what, exactly, has gone wrong when it's not working?  

LOA  Academy answers all of these questions and MORE

Understand the Technology

Finally get a full and comprehensive understanding of just how this technology works! Stop using your smart phone as a paperweight! 

Heal Your Past and Present Pain

Let go of limiting beliefs (and learn what they actually are), how to heal trauma, pain and release the fears that are holding you back. And no, it's not just about thinking positively. 

Fast Track Your Growth

Working with Energy gives you LEVERAGE. It's faster and MUCH easier than any other modality, including most forms of traditional therapy, working hard, hustling, or willpower. This course will literally change your life.

Manifest the Reality of your CHOICE

Learn to DELIBERATELY manifest whatever you want (including how to figure out exactly WHAT it is you want!)

Understand Your Manifestations

Make sense of everything that's ever happened to you - how and why you manifested what you did. Understand how you're manifesting in the present, and trouble shoot manifestations BEFORE they become physical. 


This is an Experiential course. That means, it's not just theory. You'll not only learn HOW to shift your vibration in a way that ACTUALLY WORKS, you'll DO it. And once you've DONE it, you can repeat that process again and again. 

Here’s what past students are saying:

Jo - United Kingdom

"LOA like no one else teaches it!"

Summer - U.S.A

"This LOA Sh*t Really Works!"

Lori - U.S.A.

"LOA Changes Everything!"

LOA Academy is run like a college class - this means we schedule classes and go through them as a group. The next class dates haven't been decided yet, but if you sign up below, we'll contact you as soon as we know. 


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