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  • #341 Why Does She Feel That She Doesn’t Belong Here?

#341 Why Does She Feel That She Doesn’t Belong Here?


This caller feels that she hasn’t fully committed herself to being here – not fully committed to being who she really is. All her life, she’s felt like she’s had one foot in this world, and one foot out of it. This feeling of not really being here has, from a very young age, manifested itself into illnesses including panic attacks, anxiety, body image issues and emotional issues. She knows that life is a game, and that we choose to come here and play, but what she doesn’t understand is at what point did she make the choice to not really commit to being here, in the incarnation of herself. And, the reason she wants to understand this is, because,┬ánow, she’s ready to made a change and create a better reality for herself.

Is there a difference between who we really are, and who we are on this earth? What decisions did she make regarding her starting point after being born? Can she release the fears that have been with her all her life and create the reality she wants?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for you if there are times in your life where you feel detached from who you are.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller believes she hasn’t fully committed to being here, or being in the incarnation of who she is.
  • This feeling has manifested itself as panic attacks, anxiety and unwanted physical and emotional illnesses.
  • What is the energetic meaning behind her feelings of not really being here and who she is?
  • How can she listen to her own voice to help her calm the panic attacks?
  • Do we choose the environment we’re born into?
  • What physical and emotional sensations do we feel in the fight and flight mode?
  • Why is waking up a bitch?
  • What limiting beliefs and fears does she have around driving?
  • Does being afraid of death stop us from living our lives?
  • How can she take control of her fears?
  • How does observing and experiencing our fears benefit us?
  • How do we bring our chakras into coherence?
  • What happens when we allow our negative feelings to leave us quickly?
  • Does our body show us when we have resistance?