What’s the meaning of life? Since the dawn of time, man and woman have been searching for the answer to this question. We came up with complex systems of deities in an attempt to explain how everything is connected. Scientists can define how some of it works, to a degree, and religions try to fill in the gap, albeit often with a bit of an agenda of their own. Sure, we want to know how it all works, but even if we’re able to one day prove it all in the lab, the bigger and more pressing question still remains: Why? What’s it all for? Why are we even here?

I, like just about everyone else, have spent my entire life searching for this answer. Even when I didn’t know that I was looking, I still kept my eyes open, trying to discern what it all meant and how it all fit together. But unlike most people, I’ve found an answer. Notice, I didn’t say that I’ve found THE answer. I don’t believe that there is one answer for everyone, I think there are many answers and when you find yours, you’ll know it. What follows is the answer that resonates deeply with me. Perhaps you’ll find your answer, or at least part of it here, as well.

We are here to:
  • Experience the Physical
  • Create
  • Have fun
  • Be joyful
  • Participate and cause the expansion of all that is
We are NOT here to:
  • Learn any lessons
  • Pay our dues
  • Prove ourselves worthy
  • Suffer in any way

Before we are born, we are non-physical. We are fully aware of all that is, how we are connected to it and how everyone else is connected to it and therefore, to us. We are able to access all Universal knowledge in an instant. We also know of our own immortality. We fully understand that all is well and that everything will always be ok. There is no fear here, there is no death, there’s no pain. There is only love.

And from this perspective, we decide to come into the physical. We choose to come here, to experience life as a physical human being for the pure joy of it. We want to feel what it’s like to breathe, to swim in a lake, to ride a bike, to cry with laughter, to tickle a friend, to play with a puppy, to hug someone we love, to smile into the sun, to smell a flower, to taste a ripe Strawberry. We want to experience all the joys of physical life.

And we know, before we even get here, that we will create our own reality. We know that even though we might forget that we have this ability, our inner being will always be calling to us, reminding us, leading us back to the knowledge of who we really are.

Everything else, all those other beliefs about paying our dues, going to cosmic school and learning our lessons, being less evolved and needing to prove our worthiness, that life is hard, and that suffering is normal, is man-made. These are global belief systems that we pick up as soon as we are born. But they are not true.

There is no Universal directive for suffering. We just think there is, and so there is. Every burden we feel, we’ve put upon ourselves, either individually or collectively. Think of all the rules we live by. We have to do this and should really do that. We take responsibility for things beyond our control, we place stress on ourselves – and not just for big things, like making the house payment and feeding the kids. We treat a deadline at work like a life and death situation. Getting stuck in traffic can cause us to break out into a sweat. So much to do! So little time! We take it all so seriously!

But we don’t have to. We were never meant to. Life is supposed to be fun. It’s supposed to be a game. We’re the ones who made it hard.

So, what’s the meaning of life? Joy. Love. Happiness. Laughter. And whatever makes you feel like that, is the meaning of your life. There’s no great mystery. The explanation is deceptively simple. But why would joy and being joyful be so important to the Universe?

Let’s go a bit deeper. When we are in the non-physical, we have access to all of Universal intelligence and knowledge. We are fully conscious of our connection. We know everything. But we want to know more. We want all-that-is to keep expanding. And this is, in part, where our physical experience comes in. Every new thought, every new feeling, every new creation adds to the all-that-is. Our very existence in the physical is adding to the expansion of the Universe. Every time we create, and we are always creating whether we’re conscious of it or not, we are adding to the energy that makes up EVERYTHING.

This is why it doesn’t matter if we know that we’re doing it or not. The process still works. However, when we’re filled with joy, when we’re happy, we are at our most aligned. We are at our most creative. We manifest quickly and on a much larger scale then when we’re sitting around in depression. So, the happier we are, the more “value” we are adding to the Universe as a whole.

This is also why it’s so incredibly wrong to believe that we are somehow here to prove ourselves worthy to some all-powerful being. The entire non-physical Universe rejoices at our creations, at our thoughts, at the expansion we cause. Every time one of us finds true joy, even for just a little bit, they throw a party in our names. We aren’t just invited to the party; we are the guests of honor. This physical existence isn’t some in-between hellhole we’re stopping off in until we get to a better place. This is where it’s at. This is the place to be.

The anticipation and elation we feel before coming “down here” is incredible. Think of a little child about to go into Disneyland for the first time. It’s like that, times a million. Really. We CAN’T WAIT. There is no sense of dread, no thoughts of hardship. We know that all is well, that nothing can really go wrong (we are immortal), and that we’ll have our inner being to always remind us of who we really are. We just can’t wait to get into our physical bodies and begin to experience this corporal reality. We so look forward to walking barefoot in the grass, squishing it between our toes, tasting delicious food, and interacting with others like us.

Life, this life, your life is meant to be enjoyed. We are meant to feel good, to experience joy and happiness. We are meant to thrive, to create, and to receive all the good we can imagine.

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