Most of us who are on a spiritual path (and if you’re reading this, you most certainly are), begin our journey because we’ve figured out that there must be more to life than paying rent and washing dishes. Maybe we’re in dire straits and figure there must be a better way. Or maybe we have everything we could want, on paper anyway, but still feel empty inside. We have this inkling that we’re here for a reason, and if we can only find that reason, our life purpose, we’ll finally find fulfillment and happiness.

A lot of people talk about finding their life purpose, assuming that it’s some predetermined plan they’ve somehow lost track of and now have to find. It’s all been decided before we even came here, and now we can’t find happiness if we don’t find this elusive reason why we came. And if we fail, if we don’t happen to find this purpose, we’ll be doomed to spend the rest of our lives as empty, unhappy sacks. Sad, isn’t it?

This is a rather skewed view of how the Universe works. We did not set ourselves up for failure (and neither did the Universe). Why would we do that? We wouldn’t and we didn’t. Here’s your life purpose: Be happy. That’s it. It isn’t to save the world, and it isn’t to marry your soul mate. Your main reason for coming here is to find joy and happiness and have as much fun in the physical world as possible. How you find that joy and happiness is ultimately up to you. You always get to decide – you can even decide not to be happy at all. But there is nothing predetermined that you MUST do in order to find the joy you’re looking for.

But how does this help you, if you’re currently feeling unfulfilled, joyless and empty? If there’s no purpose to find, how will you ever figure out how to get happy? Well, you can still find your life purpose – just not a predetermined one. Let me explain. Your life purpose, that which makes you happy, is whatever you decide it is.

Your goal was never to find our purpose so you could fulfill some predetermined contract. Not really. Your real goal was to feel happy and fulfilled. So why not focus on those feelings, rather than going the long way around?

If you’re currently looking for your life purpose, try the following:

Do something that makes you feel even just a little bit better than you do right now. Do anything. Start any kind of hobby, even if you’re not sure if it’s “the one”. Why? Because when you feel stuck in a situation, the best thing to do is to get some energy moving. By taking some action, even something small, you will begin to shift some energy. You’ll gain clarity, you’ll get insights, you’ll begin to see things differently. It can be as easy as volunteering with an organization that interests you, or taking a class to learn some new skill. The point is to get out there and do something NEW.

Then pay attention to the insights and thoughts that show up. Think of the first activity as a stepping stone. You don’t have to commit yourself for years, just take a class for 90 days or volunteer for 6 weeks. I guarantee that at the end of that period, you will have learned something about yourself and what makes you happy (or happier). Then, take the next step based on that activity.

It’s easy to become stuck in non-activity when you’re searching for the perfect thing. But the secret is, there is no perfect thing. All you’re looking to do is to shift your energy to a better feeling place. No activity is going to do that for you. Here is what you’ll be doing, technically: Find an activity that interests you even a little bit. It makes you feel just a little bit better than you do now (going from bored to not bored is better). It’s not the BIG thing you were looking for, it won’t make you feel happy and joyous, but it’s better than where you are now.

So, you go and do this new activity, and you feel a little bit better. You’ve shifted your vibration to a slightly higher place. From that new vibrational vantage point, you’re able to see a different activity which will make you feel slightly better, and you go and do that. You’ve just shifted a little bit more. You keep doing this until you get to a really happy, fulfilled place. You could think that you’d finally found the activity you were looking for all along. But the truth is that you didn’t have access to this high vibration from where you originally started, and therefore the BIG activity wouldn’t have evoked the same happy feelings.

You can’t find the activity that brings you fulfillment, if you’re too far away from that feeling on the emotional scale. You won’t have access to the vibration of fulfillment. Work your way up to it little by little. Don’t go for the gold, just go for a better feeling – even slightly better. And you’ll get there.

But what if you feel strongly that you’re supposed to help others in some way, as many of us do? Isn’t that a purpose? Well, not really. You see, as you raise your vibration, as you feel better and better, it’s quite natural to want to help others do the same. With a higher vibration comes the realization that we’re all connected somehow. We want to reach out to others, ease their suffering, and help them feel as good as we do. So, helping others isn’t really a purpose, as much as it’s part of the human condition, once you achieve a certain vibrational level.

The problem arises, when we begin to judge and dismiss activities on the basis of how much impact we think they’ll have on others, regardless of their joy-value. You may want to travel around the world, but volunteering in Calcutta seems like a worthier cause. You don’t really want to go to Calcutta, though, so you stagnate. You don’t do anything. Working with horses makes you happy, but you just can’t see how that would help others, so you cross it off the list. We keep looking for an activity that we can deem “worthy”, which will also lead to fulfillment.

Here’s the thing: All activities are worthy if they lead to your happiness. Yes, we want to help others. But we have to remember that the only real way to help other people is to come from a high vibrational place – in other words, to be happy first. Never underestimate how much of an impact you can have on others simply by being happy. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t volunteer in a soup kitchen, if that makes you feel good. It means, don’t write off activities because you can’t see how they might benefit others directly. The vibrational impact you’ll have will be immense.

Your life purpose is whatever you decide that it is – whatever leads to your joy and happiness. Don’t try to get there all at once; work your way up the scale little by little. And remember that you always have a choice. There is nothing you HAVE TO do. Follow your intuition and do what feels right. That’s how you find your purpose. That’s how you find true joy.

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  • Dear Melody,

    I read this post once again today. This reminded me few more things clearly as to what my purpose is and how to find happiness.

    I had few questions related to my purpose in life but, you answered all of them in one go in this post. You amaze as usual with your insight and writing style.

    Keep Rocking!

    Love & Hugs,

  • There was a time in my life when I felt this way; living without a purpose. I was thinking why am I here in this miserable world, and what will I do with my life. I Didn’t know what’s the reason for me to go on, I was so confused.
    It’s natural to feel this way sometimes. You just have to find the real meaning of life, then you would realize the reason of your existence.

    • Thanks so much for sharing that May. I’m so glad you’ve figured it out for yourself. Once you find out who you really are and align with that, nothing can stop you. 🙂


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