I find children fascinating. Especially the children that are being born in this time, with this incredibly high vibration. They are more connected, more attuned to who they are, and more aware of their power than any generation before them. And, for the most part, they are making it very hard for the adults in their lives to train them out of this awareness. They require very different parenting, and from I’m seeing, they’re getting it. Because this generation’s parents are also more connected and aware of who they are than any generation’s parents before them.

Let me just throw this out there right at the start: The Boogie Man is real. Not in the sense that there’s an actual monster hiding in your closet or under your bed. Those are burglars and/or perverts. Call 911. I mean, when your child “sees” a boogie man, monster, dragon, evil troll, witch, or whatever, they are actually translating a form of non-physical energy.

We used to tell children to stop being ridiculous; that there’s nothing there. But I’ve noticed a wonderful trend, at least among the parents I know, of adults actually listening to their children when they speak of the unseen, instead of dismissing it, or worse, medicating it out of them. Children, especially the really young ones, still have the ability to see non-physical energy. We all do, actually, except most of us have been trained right out of it. When a child “sees” something that the adults can’t perceive, and when those adults then tell that child that there truly is nothing there (not, “I can’t see it” but “You’re wrong”), the child begins to believe that there really is nothing there and they shut down those channels of translation. They begin to translate only those socially accepted frequencies, which we’ve all agreed upon. If we can all see the tree, it exists. If you can see a fairy and I can’t, you must be insane. It couldn’t possibly be that my ability to translate the energy that you’re perceiving as a fairy is lying dormant, could it? Damn right it could.

If your child sees a dragon, is there really a dragon?

I was talking to a grandmother about her adorable grandson the other day. We’ll call him Dougie. Dougie sees dragons – evil, scary ones, and happy, nice ones. There’s nothing wrong with Dougie. He’s just still young enough (he’s six) that it’s easy for him to perceive non-physical energy. The cool thing is that Dougie is fully aware of the difference between physical and non-physical energy and will not be dissuaded simply because adults can’t see what he does.

When Dougie and his grandmother were exploring a cave, and he pointed out a dragon to her, she responded “I can’t see it.” His response was, “Of course you can’t.” He accepts that adults just don’t have the power to see what he does. This doesn’t make it any less real for him, or any less scary when an evil dragon shows up.

Of course, there’s not really a dragon there. And Dougie isn’t about to get swallowed up or burned alive by an invisible monster. But that doesn’t mean that what he’s seeing isn’t there. He’s perceiving energy. Because we all translate energy through our own filters, and because Dougie loves dragons and has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of them, he sees dragons. If a child read a lot of books about fairies and trolls, they might well see fairies and trolls. We tend to go with what we know.

What does the dragon feel like?

I’ve written pretty extensively about our emotional guidance system. Our feelings are our vibrational feedback system – they let us know if the frequency we’re focusing upon is serving us or not. When we think positive thoughts, that are in tune with Who We Really Are, we feel great. When we think horrible, ugly thoughts about hate or unworthiness, thoughts that our inner being does not agree with, we feel negative emotions.

So, when a child perceives non-physical energy, there will be an emotion attached to it, and this emotion will affect how that child “sees” this energy (or hears it, etc.) For example, if the energy has a low vibration, it may evoke fear, which will turn the dragon black and smoky and evil looking. If the energy has a high vibration, it will feel good, and the dragon will appear glowy, happy and friendly.

But these dragons aren’t just floating about, waiting for a kid to latch onto. They are a manifestation. Whatever comes into our reality has been drawn to us by our vibration. So, if the child, who is still learning how to deal with the onslaught of different vibrations, focuses on a thought that causes fear, he will conjure more scary-feeling energy. And he may translate that scary feeling energy into a scary looking dragon. If he focuses on thoughts that feel safe and protected and happy, he will conjure up more energy that feels like that and translate it into a happy, shiny dragon. It really is no different from normal reality, only you, the adult, can’t see it.

The scary dragon isn’t causing the fear. The fear is causing the scary dragon. Just as your stupid boss isn’t causing you to hate your job. The way you choose to feel about your job is causing your boss to act especially stupid.

Defeating the scary dragon

Ok, so now that you understand what your child is actually perceiving, what can you do about it? We’ve already established that telling them there’s nothing there isn’t really helpful. Sure, your kid may stop seeing dragons or boogiemen or whatever, but they won’t stop feeling the fear that caused those visions. And being able to “see” the non-physical energy instead of just feel it, can be a huge help in learning how to control what we focus on. If you can wrap your head around the fact that your child is actually perceiving energy, you can help them learn now to consciously guide their thoughts and take control over how they feel. You can help them understand that they have the power to call upon as well as vanquish their boogie man. But how?

Let’s go back to Dougie. He and his grandmother were riding in the car a few weeks ago, when he spotted a “bad dragon”, which scared him. It was apparently flying alongside the car, and he felt very threatened. The grandmother asked me what she should’ve done in that instance, and here’s my advice:

When your child sees a monster, or in this case, a bad dragon:

  • Don’t dismiss it. This will only make your child stop telling you why they’re scared. Knowing that they’re perceiving energy will help you to at least pretend that the dragon is real.
  • Don’t pretend to actually see it if you don’t. Kids know when you’re lying to them and they don’t like to be patronized anymore than you do.
  • Ask your child to look for the good dragon (or fairy, or good witch or other powerful good being. This will depend on your child’s filters, what they’ve been exposed to and what they’ve come to know about.)
  • They will not be able to see the good dragon right away. Tell them to keep searching for it. Assure them that it’s there. They just have to find it. The good dragon is always there, protecting us and keeping us safe. All we have to do is look for it.
  • Chances are, your child will see the good dragon after a few minutes and feel much, much better. The bad dragon will have diminished or disappeared.

What just happened?

When an adult is feeling afraid, I coach them to focus on better feeling thoughts. I get them to raise their vibration by switching their focus onto a higher frequency. This is exactly what we just did with Dougie. The bad dragon represents a lower frequency of fear. Because he visually translates this energy, it’s an enormous crutch in helping him to understand how to switch his focus. Try telling a 6-year old to focus on better feeling thoughts. You’re not going to get very far. But ask him to look for a white dragon, and he can latch on to that. Children respond best to images and symbols, so if we can use the images they’ve created, the will quickly understand what we’re asking them to do and the result will be instantaneous.

As it turns out, Dougie’s grandmother is much more intuitive than she often gives herself credit for. When Dougies’s bad dragon turned up, she asked him where the good dragon was. She had done the exact thing I would’ve advised, even without knowing the principles behind it. (Don’t you just love that? Let that be a lesson to you parents: You’re probably doing a lot more right than you think you are.) And after just a few minutes, Dougie found the happy, white dragon and felt better.

Teach your child to take control

I’m sure it won’t take Dougie long to figure out that this trick of looking for the good dragon will instantly banish the bad dragon whenever it appears. The idea here is not to banish the bad dragons forever, but to teach children (and the adults who love them) that they have control over how they feel. They can keep staring at the bad dragon and continue to feel more and more fear, or they can take their focus off of him and look for the good dragon. And when they do, they’ll feel better.

If your child is afraid of the boogie man in their closet, help them find a representation of a better feeling energy. Ask your child what a protector might look like. Help them focus on this representation. Ask them to describe it, what it looks like, how it protects people, how it keeps them safe, etc. As you do this, your child will already feel better – you are getting them to focus on this better feeling frequency.

Now, ask your child to find this protector. If they can “see” energy, ask them if they can see it. If they can sense it, ask them to feel for it. However they translate energy, ask them to find the protector until they know that he/she’s there. Assure them that this protector is always there. The energy is always there, but we can choose to tap into it and become aware of it at any time, or not. And then, if they’re ever scared, all they have to do is look for this protector and as they tune themselves to this higher vibration, as they “find” the representation of that energy, they will feel better.

The scariest thing about the boogie man is that we think that we are powerless against him. He can jump out of the bushes, out of our closet, out of the dark at any time and hurt us. The most powerful lesson you can teach your child is that they have control. The Boogie Man has no power, unless we give it to him. How do we do that? We keep looking at him and we keep being afraid. But if we look away, if we look at things that make us feel better, the Boogie Man will go away. He has to. It’s the law, y’all.

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  • Hello Melody,

    An interesting topic, this. The youngest two of my four children, a daughter and a son, also could see spirits (and angels, my son) but not when they were so very young (at least they never said so) but when they were in their teens. From the beginning they told us about it and we could always speak about it and ask them what they saw exactly. Because they were take seriously, they never became afraid. Only very, very rarely was it something scary. These two kids were both very sensitive and easily scared of real life things but not of spirits. My husband sometimes feels their presence too, so then we asked one of them, or both, what they saw. We had quite a lot of visitors (that I did not see). Now these children both have grown up and do not see spirits any more, but they still do feel the energy sometimes. My son is married now and his wife still had contact with the spirit of her grandmother after they were married. She was more or less raised by this grandmother as both her parents had to work long days and she missed her so much after she died. Only recently she got the message from her that she should let her go. Fortunately she could speak about that with her husband. And with mine; she has a very special connection to him and they talk a lot as her own family lives in Vietnam.



    • Hey Anny,

      I love that you encouraged your kids to talk about it and didn’t make them feel abnormal. That’s awesome. I think that will be more and more the norm for future generations. Kids will become less willing to be talked out of it and parents will become more and more accepting of what their kids are experiencing.

      All of us have the power to connect with the non-physical. We don’t necessarily have to actually “see” or “hear” something. Some of us feel it or sometimes it’s just a knowing. Kids just haven’t been trained out of this ability yet.

      Thanks so much for sharing!
      Huge hugs!

  • Melody,
    This is such a valuable post! I loved this: ‘The scary dragon isn’t causing the fear. The fear is causing the scary dragon.”
    When my niece was seven, I discovered that she could see energy. Not with her third eye, but with the other two! She lives three hours away from me but since then, eight years ago, I’ve endeavored to keep that “alive” in her. Her gift evolved over time. She’s just fifteen and not very interested in it or aware of how lucky she is to be able to see energy, but that’s OK. I want for her to keep it, if possible.
    I love talking to children and opening that topic up with them. Often I find no one has and they have a lot to say. My cousin’s granddaughter, I learned, believes (pardon me – KNOWS) she is an angel. We had a nice conversation about it this summer. She described heaven to me and when I asked how she knew she just looked at me as if to say, “Have you been listening?!?” Her grandmother laughs at her “imaginary friend” but when I heard about this friend, I knew I wanted to get to know her a little more. She said, “I can’t talk to my friends about this stuff.”
    Children today are so open and receptive. I taught them how to do Quantum Touch, just a bunch of us sitting in the grass. Some of them caught on immediately and could feel the energy. When later I sprang a random question on one of the little girls, asking “What would you do?” she said, “I’d do what you taught us,” sat, grounded herself, closed her eyes and started running energy.
    As Aileen said, you should keep baking that children’s book. The world needs that right now.

    • Hi Lori!
      You’re doing such a wonderful thing for your niece. Even if she doesn’t seem interested right now, she knows that she has at least one person in her life that really “gets” her. Kids really understand this stuff so quickly. When you speak to them about things that are based on energetic principles, it clicks into place for them almost immediately. They remember this stuff faster, because they haven’t yet forgotten it.
      I’m spending a lot of time with kids over the next couple of weeks, so a book may well be inspired by them. But uff! I have so much on my plate already! I have to keep reminding myself that everything happens with divine timing and we never attract more than we can handle. πŸ™‚

      Thanks so much for adding your incredible perspective here!!


  • Melody, I Love this post!
    How brilliant! I have noticed that many children are incredibly intuitive and connected with the spirit world more than most adults. …but more than that I love how you show how we can all change our fear thoughts into “better” thoughts.

    Ever write a children’s book? If not, I look forward to it in the future.

    • Hi Aileen!

      So glad to see you here. Thank you so much for your kind words.
      Funnily enough, I have thought of writing a children’s book, but it’s not quite ready to come out (needs to bake some more, LOL). But I’m sure it’ll come out some day, when the time is right. πŸ™‚

      Thanks so much for your comment!

  • Hi Melody,

    I love your post which helps parents with their children’s fears. Mine are grown now, but I do think it is so important to acknowledge fears and talk it through with your child. That way they know you respect them and understand their concerns. I love the idea of asking where the good dragon is – I’ll remember that when I have grandchildren.

    • Hi Cathy,

      Absolutely. I think that this new generation is really teaching their parents that they must be treated as individuals. Times have really changed and kids today demand respect. When they ask why, we can’t just brush them off anymore. They dissect things and try to figure out how everything works. Things have to make sense and they won’t accept wishy-washy answers. I was the same way, and it was a lot harder for me than it is today, because there were fewer of us back then. Challenging the nuns in Catholic school did not go over well. LOL.

      Thanks so much for your kind words.


  • I like the way you explained that. I have one son who sees things all of the time (that are actually there), so what I did was ask him first,”Is it really scary? Are you sure it’s not nice?” and for the times when he decided it was still scary, I taught him to call on his angels to take it away. He and his brother know that “their” angels are with them all of the time, so if they are ever scared, they can call on their angel for protection. After all, that’s what angels are best at. I also gave each one a miniature angel, that looks like their actual one, and they’re in their bedroom to “watch over them” at night.

    • Hi Julie,

      That’s a great idea. If he can focus on the frequency of the angels (which is a very high frequency), she will definitely feel better. What a great tool you’re giving your kids. And solidifying that symbol with actual statues, fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing this insight here. You rock.


  • I have a friend who has a kid who sees things as well. Some really creepy things have happened before!

    For example, one time her child kept pointing at the window. Thinking nothing of it, she dismissed it and kept going about her business and her room. But the kid kept pointing. Eventually she got up to look, and there was a hand print on the window! And at night, the child will often point at the ceiling as though she sees something.

    I don’t think it’s usually a bad spirit or whatever, but that stuff creeps me out regardless.

    The mom is also highly intuitive and is had some really interesting experiences with different spirits and things.

    Can that intuitive nature be passed genetically?

    • Hi Fred,

      That’s a really great question. Short answer (I’ve marked this down to put in a blog post. You’re just full of ideas today!!): I don’t believe it’s genetic, but it is vibrational. Some families are always just a little ahead of the curve. The grandmother was intuitive and had a vibration that was higher than the average Global vibration. Then, her daughter, the mother came into this environment and grew up with this higher vibration, allowing her to stay more connected (there would’ve been an intention to come into this environment prior to birth). Now the little girl has come into this family, which is still ahead of the curve. So, I think that we can create a high vibrational environment that allows for faster growth. Just as you can pick up limiting beliefs from your family, so can their high vibration pave the way for you…


    • This is actually a very interesting topic. Stuff like that creeps the heck outta’ me as well. I’m not sure how much I want to believe in wandering spirits / entities but if you are a good spirit, please don’t leave hand-prints on my window or turn off the shower when I’m showering. It’s creepy, doesn’t leave a good impression, and is kinda annoying if I have soap in my eyes. Then I’m irritated and frightened at the same time which pretty much sucks for me.

      In all seriousness though, I’d love to see a post on this as well. Not sure if it falls under this blog so correct me if I’m wrong, Melody. But I’d like to know what makes these entities good and bad, how it relates to vibrations and energy, and if there are ill-willed ones, how do we NOT attract them or make sure they aren’t attracted to us?

        • Oddly enough melody, I think you’re already doing just that.

          Your advice here plus your e-book probably had a lot to do and getting the job that I’m going to orientation for on Tuesday.

          I guess we’re even now. πŸ˜€

        • Awesome. Now you don’t have to pay Fred anymore since he opted out of it, but you can still send his check my way. I’m not one to decline such a kind offer. I’m just noble like that.

          • Your nobility is much appreciated. But since Fred has made me aware of just how valuable my wisdom and awesomeness are, I believe you actually owe me. Yeah, that’s right. But I shall forgive you that debt. Because that’s just how awesome I am. Besides, we’re having so much fun. If we add money to the mix, it’ll just feel dirty.


  • Wow! So glad I read your post. I’ve been trying different approaches to help my child who is very empathic, to deal with a particular (spirit) animal that he keeps “seeing” in his bedroom that scares him. He’s had limited success with some approaches I’ve taught him, but is still afraid. After reading your article, I’m going to get him to look for the “good” version of this animal. (I actually believe it may be a guardian or guide, but he hasn’t connected with it in that way yet….)

    Also, I really loved your suggestion about asking the child HOW they perceive the energy. I know when I was a child (especially after I shut down my “sight” after my parents disbelieving comments) I could still feel all the energy, even if I couldn’t “see” it anymore. This will be a great approach for my other child who is wired a little differently, but who I know also “sees” and “feels”.

    I am so hungry for this kind of information! As a parent, I am always just winging it and trying different things, but I’d love to have more tools and references. I’m really trying to honor what my kids “see” and feel, because my childhood was not that way and I was shut down for so many years myself.

    Thanks so much!


    • Hi Kara,

      I’m so glad that this post brought you some clarity. I’ll definitely do more posts on today’s kids in the future. They absolutely fascinate me and there’s so much to explore in how they adapt to and process energy. Watch this space!


  • I’m probably too immature now to have a kid of my own but when I do have one I’ll know exactly what to teach the lil’ guy about his fears.

    When you’re afraid of a dragon, summon another dragon and have a kickass dragon fight! Or make it a tag-team match with two dragons on each side. Then I’ll take a bet on one of the teams against my son’s, for his Legos. He’ll lose, of course, because I’ll use my mind to summon Destructogon…the greatest dragon in all the universe! And he’ll destroy my son’s inferior pansy dragons and rule over his puny village with wrath and terror! Muahaha–haha—hahaha!

    Of course then my son will say “You’re such a doucebag Dad, I hate you!!”, to which I’ll say “Pffftt…yeah well, at least I’m old enough to get laid….by your mom!! Sike!!”

    …… yeah I’m definitely going to wait before I have a kid. *sigh*

  • I was one of those children who saw “dragons” except they weren’t dragons – they were spirits who had left the physical plane and were still hanging around.

    I was so scared of these entities/energies at night that I slept with my head under the covers every night with a fan running — even in the wintertime. Now in retrospect I know I had nothing to fear…and I know that experiencing that was part of my journey. But if my mom had read this article 25 years ago, that would’ve been wonderful! πŸ˜‰

    You’re fabulous, as always…

    • Hi Lindsay,

      That’s why I love this time right now. When I hear stories (multiple, mind you! This is not a one-off situation) of kids telling their parents that they’re talking to grandma who has passed, and the parents NOT freaking out but going with it, it makes me so happy. That kind of response would’ve been unthinkable 25 years ago. I just can’t wait to see what these kids grow up to be. And their kids and their kids… Good stuff is coming, people. Watch for it! πŸ™‚


  • Melody,

    I have never thought about seeing things in the way that you have described in this post.

    My little girl is 4 and she seems to be exactly what you have described about Dougie. She is sensitive and we think she can see things that we cannot. Once during a local holiday, she refused to enter the hotel room we have booked because she claim that there was someone in the toilet. We naturally thought she was paranoid. But just not to make things worse we decided to bring her home and let our folks enjoy the hotel.

    But we have since believed that she is special and is able to see things that many people cannot. Some psychics call these crystal children. Is that true?

    Anyway, I think you have really given us all a great way to refocus our energies and vibrations. When we feel that we are seeing and feeling negatively, we should switch our attention to a positive image. That should do the trick and make the negative image disappear right? I will be looking for some positive images or pictures that my girl likes to familiarize her with them. When the boogie people come, I will instruct her to recall those wonderful pictures to counter her fears.


    • Hi Jimmy,

      I’m so glad this article sparked some insights in you.
      Regarding crystal children or indigo children, I believe that’s a way to define these new kids that are being born now. Because the energy Right Now is always higher than it has ever been (it is always rising), each generation of kids comes into a higher frequency than the one before. And because this process is always speeding up (higher = faster) and we are now in a very fast moving vibrational time, the kids being born today (and for the last few years) are MORE different than any generation before them. We are evolving faster. Not everyone that’s born has the same vibration. There will always be variety. But more and more of these super connected kids are coming through. We can label them if we want. It has been helpful for parents of these kids to understand that their parenting needs to keep up, too. But frankly, these kids chose their parents, who have to be a match to the kids, as well.

      In other words, you and your wife are the perfect parents for your little girl. She will be your most powerful teacher. πŸ™‚


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