As most of you are aware of, the host on which my blog sits got hacked this week. If you tried to get your LOA fix on Sunday, instead of pure awesomeness and possibly a hilarious image (I realize that’s subjective, but they amuse me), you saw what basically amounted to a message stating “Neener, neener. I got you. Signed, the Bangladeshi hacker.” As one reader pointed out, it was noteworthy how patriotic this particular hacker was. “Do not confuse me with the Switzerland hacker.” Yes, I’m aware that there aren’t all that many Switzerland hackers. It seemed like a safe country to name (because Swiss people are super, SUPER nice and gorgeous. All of them. I mean it. They’re stunning, ok?). I don’t want to inadvertently challenge some hacker out there, and end up being tackled and beaten with a rubber hose by Homeland Security the next time I’m at the airport because my name somehow ended up on some “Most likely to have heroin balloons and kiddie porn stuck up their bum” list.

Now, some of you may have naturally wondered, how in God’s green earth someone who is supposed to have this manifesting stuff down pat, could possibly be hacked. I mean, what the hell Universe, right? Yeah, I wondered that too, right around the time that I was trying really hard not to freak out. My blog is my baby. And someone hacked my baby. Ok, someone hacked the house my baby lives in, or actually more like the city my baby lives in, but still. Someone sort of, in a roundabout way, f%&ed with my baby, dammit. And knowing that it was my vibration that somehow attracted this didn’t make it any better. In fact, it annoyed me all the more. For about an hour. Then, I came to my senses.

I had a couple of advantages going for me:

  1. I’m currently visiting my family in Idaho, and my sister, who is just as intuitive as I am, KNEW that all was well, even though she didn’t have a clue as to how extensive the hacking was or how much damage was done. She knew that there was no way that my vibration, high as it generally is, would attract any real damage. So for that hour, when I was trying to find that knowing, but wasn’t quite there, she held that space for me, which allowed me to get back there faster. My family is pretty freaking awesome.
  2. My sister has kids – two little adorable boys, who are still young enough so that you really have to watch your language around them. I couldn’t totally wig out and try out some of my most creative curse words. I had to stay strong. For the children.
  3. I do have a really good grasp on this LOA stuff. I know how to shift my perspective, and so as soon as I was able to get a grip on my emotions (talk myself off the proverbial ledge), I used the techniques I subject my clients to, to allow myself to drift back up into my happy place. Relatively speaking, an hour really isn’t all that shabby.

How could this happen to ME?

Before I continue, I know that some of you are looking at me all judgmental like, with one eye all squinty and one eyebrow raised. Stop that. It’s not a good look on you. If you’re thinking “If Melody still has annoying crap happen to her, then maybe she’s not the expert we thought she was?” Or possibly, you’ve just gotten all depressed, because you have more faith in me than those judgy people, but are thinking “If Melody, with all her awesome wisdom can still have annoying crap happen to her, then what hope is there for me?” Both of you, Mr. Judgy and Mr. Depressed are going to have to snap out of it. Let me reiterate what I said in the Broken Water Heater Story:

  1. Just because I have a clear understanding of how we manifest our reality, doesn’t mean I’m the perfect manifestor. There are people out there who are much better at this than I am. They can’t necessarily explain to you how they manifest anything, but they do it easily and naturally. There’s a difference between Tiger Woods and Tiger Woods’ coach. I’m the coach y’all.
  2. Everyone has their own crap. Everyone has some limiting beliefs, some thoughts that don’t serve them, some negative emotions. Even me. If I didn’t, I’d be completely enlightened, and levitating on some Caribbean island, while some shirtless beefcake brought me drinks with umbrellas in them. Only I wouldn’t care, because I’d be so beyond that. And none of you would have access to me, because my vibration would only allow those who were also totally enlightened to even find me. In other words, those who really wouldn’t need any more awesome wisdom. So the fact that I still have some crap to work out is a good thing. I’m doing this for you, really. You’re welcome.

So, if you’re ready to stop judging me or feeling sorry for yourself, or if you’re neither of those and just want to know what the heck happened, here it is:

The pattern

Whenever I have an unwanted manifestation, it means that I’ve been ignoring some negative emotion. I’ve had some lower frequency stuck in my energy body, which I haven’t been paying attention to. It happens to the best of us. We get busy, the emotion is incredibly subtle, or we deem it irrational. For whatever reason, we don’t pay attention and then it gets bigger. That’s what happened here.

But this means that by the time there’s a manifestation, especially one big enough to involve other people (in this case, my readers), there have been other manifestations that preceded it. The Universe doesn’t just slap you in the back of the head all willy-nilly to get your attention. First it whispers, then it calls to you, then it yells, then it nudges and THEN it slaps you. After that it punches you and then it gets the blowtorch and pliers and gets medieval on your ass (Bonus points if you can name the movie that’s from). So, when something unwanted happens, if you look back, you’ll always be able to see a pattern of some sort that led up to this event. This pattern will be of events that were very similar to what just happened, or they will have felt the same.

So, my first step in answering the “Why ME?!?!” question, was to find the pattern. And it emerged pretty quickly. I’d been having computer problems for the last few days. Nothing serious, just annoying little crap, but it was not to be missed (and yet, like a doofus, I had missed it…)

Ooh, look! Another list!

  1. I’d had some internet issues, which had made it difficult but not impossible to access my site and work. This annoyed me.
  2. One of my email providers made some changes on the server to heighten security, but failed to tell me. So I suddenly wasn’t able to send any emails from that account, but didn’t realize it right away (stuff just got stuck in my Outbox). I eventually figured it out, but it was annoying.
  3. One of my wonderful, awesome readers sent me an email that I never received. He was kind enough to resend it when I didn’t reply (I always reply), and no harm was done, but I pride myself on being available for my peeps, so this annoyed me.
  4. My little Netbook, which I love because it’s so teensy and light and fantastic for travel, turned out to be too wimpy to be able to support a Skype connection. So, I can’t talk to any of my peeps while I’m away from home. Because I don’t yet do online coaching (I’m considering it, in an effort to make my business more and more mobile), that doesn’t really affect my business. It’s just annoying.
  5. The server on which my blog resides got hacked, leaving hundreds without their thrice weekly LOA fix (and I like to think, causing panic in the streets). Only, no real damage was actually done. The hacker didn’t install a virus or worm or Trojan horse or wipe all the data off the servers. He basically just proved he could get in and replaced everyone’s homepage with his calling card. As far as hackers go, one must acknowledge that this one was actually quite nice. You know, relatively speaking. It’s like a serial killer breaking into your home, giving you a bad haircut and leaving. You kind of have to be thankful that he didn’t do more damage, because he totally could have. My host restored my homepage within about two hours of me figuring out what had happened (because I’m not a morning person, I didn’t find out until about 10 a.m. And by then the techie team was already diligently working on restoring peace to my little Universe). So really, aside from having a few emails to reply to (from concerned readers wanting to give me a heads up and express their outrage on my behalf, which, if you think about it, is one hell of an awesome manifestation!!), I wasn’t even really inconvenienced. I was, well, severely annoyed.

Do we see a pattern boys and girls? Yeah we do. I was continuously manifesting annoying incidents that involved my computer and my ability to work remotely.

The FEAR. Buwahahahahaha

Once I established the pattern, it was pretty easy to figure out what the underlying cause was. I used a complex mathematical equation, that no one but me and an idiot savant named Bubba living in the mountainous regions of West Virginia can understand, to establish that I had an underlying fear of not being able to truly conduct my “bidness” while travelling. Also, my older sister, who is also a card carrying member of the “Tell it Like It Is” club, looked at me and said “You have a fear that you can’t work remotely.” She may also have inserted the word “dingwad” in there somewhere. Yeah. It’s like we were separated at birth. By four years.

My point is, it was pretty obvious in hindsight (the most annoying kind of sight). I’d always dreamed of working for myself, but didn’t want to be tied down to a location. I had visions of laying in a hammock somewhere, working as much or as little as I wanted, using only my laptop, while some shirtless beefcake brought me drinks with umbrellas in them. I wanted the Tim Ferriss* lifestyle. And I’ve done my best to implement that. I don’t yet have the Tim Ferriss millions (I keep asking him to send me some, but so far he’s ignored me), but I’m definitely pretty mobile. Only, there was obviously a part of me, unbeknownst to the rest of me, that didn’t quite think that this remote lifestyle would really work. What if I lost internet access? That’s happened. I and my site survived. What if some of the configurations I’d so carefully set up before leaving home were lost? Check. I’m technically savvy enough to figure it out. What if I, gulp, got hacked? Done and done. The world didn’t end and my readers still love me. In fact, instead of hating me for the inconvenience, y’all rallied in support (and, I like to think, formed a lynching mob to go after the hacker, deterred only by the fact that Bangladesh is kind of a long ways away, and you wouldn’t be back in time to pick the kids up from soccer practice. But you totally wanted to. So you told all your friends about this blog, instead. I like to think that. And they say that it’s the thought that counts, right? My logic may be flawed, but it makes me giggle.)

Lessons learned

I did take away a practical lesson, as well. In order to soothe this fear, I could’ve taken a bit of action to make myself feel safer while on the road (insecurity = manifestations of stuff you’re afraid of). Basically, you can either get rid of the fear that your house will burn down, or you can get insurance, which will soothe that fear. I took the arrogant approach that I shouldn’t need to worry about the insurance (or at least not fully), because I should know how to release the fear. And then, instead of actually doing the work to release the lower frequency, I just ignored it. Yeah. Dingwad. So, although I’m fully backed up (I’m not totally stupid), I don’t have complete access to all of my backup files remotely. This is an easy little fix, but something I’ve just been too lazy to implement. I realize now that this simple change will give me a lot more peace of mind while I’m on the road.

Also, I’ll be doing some actual energy work (focusing on the vision of working remotely, everything being effortless and easy and connecting perfectly) to get rid of the rest of this little belief before it can bite me in the ass again.

As to why my dear readers manifested this outage (those of you that did, anyway), I’m afraid that it comes down to your vibration. Were you annoyed? Angered? Or did you completely miss the whole thing? Did it trigger some resistance you have against hackers? Or concerns about internet safety? Whatever it was, it was a manifestation of yours, as well, and if you look carefully, you’ll see a pattern emerging. Then, call Bubba, and get him to crunch the numbers. Or call your sister, and have her call you a dingwad. Apparently, that helps.

* = Tim Ferriss is the author of The Four Hour Workweek. If you haven’t read it, run, don’t walk, to your computer, get on Amazon and order it now. It’s awesome.

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  • I don’t like Tim Ferris. He’s really boring. I read his book– The Four Hour Chef. Oh my, I think that just made me depressed. YES, it was his fault, not mine. I know I could’ve put it away but he bragged so much about it, I wanted to get the most out of it.
    I just like you Melody. NOTHING has worked for me as your blog and calls with you have. 🙂 You’re the best, ever! YOU ARE THE BEST AND I HAVEN’T COME ACROSS A TEACHER BETTER THAN YOU!!

  • another question.
    the point that weight can fluctuate wildly is again a belief right?
    what if i set the intention that my weight only changes proportionally with my size?

    am just asking from a theoretical POV like i did in a previous post of yours. i know that actually doing applying this intention will need me to reprogram a whole lotta old assumptions that we make. but just thought id ask ! 🙂

    another thing (yes i have too many questions :D)..i lost a lot of weight two years back because i started chain smoking. ive quit smoking for the past few motnhs. kilos have started coming back even after diet control and exercise! could it be my deep set belief that you ‘need’ to smoke to drop the kilos stopping the gymming and exercise frome even having any benefit? i mean..i COULD have a belief that im not even aware i do have, right?

    thank you SO much for giving nice elaborate explanations ! much appreciated 🙂

    • also i rememeber reading rhonda byrnes book (the secret) ages ago in which she says that ‘food does not make you put on weight’. for a full minute i laughed and i was like ‘ byrne is such a loony loon. how did this book even get published?’.
      but then i dunno..once is started thinking of dint seem SO impossible. i mean..i experimented with myself. but the food belief dint work. i DID put on weight. so you mean that theoretically speaking IF i could disconnect the link between food and weight in my would actually work? actually do this would need a LOT of reprogramming. so doing it would be too much work that im not even sure i want to take up. but am just asking from a theoreticl POV, again.

      • If food made you put on weight, then everyone would gain weight equally. We don’t. Some people can chow down like champions and not gain weight. There is more at play than just food.

        Yes, if you could change your belief around food and weight, you could break that link. I have not yet found a way to do that completely. It does take a lot of work, but it’s the code I’m looking to crack. The goal is no longer to focus on the food, but to simply enjoy food and know that it will not affect my weight. I’ll let you know when I get there. 😆

        Huge hugs!

    • You can set that intention, but why? Why not just set the intention to be a certain size? What does the weight actually matter? I don’t care if I weigh 200 pounds as long as I’m healthy and a size 8. 🙂 Of course, chances are that if I’m a size 8, I won’t be 200 pounds but if what I really want is to be slim then why not focus on that? The weight is simply the thing you think you have to control in order to get your real goal.

      Your weight is caused my some resistance. You were able to placate that resistance by smoking. It became your release valve. When you stopped smoking, it triggered a different release valve – eating. Release the underlying resistance and you won’t have the desire to smoke or overeat. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • i have a doubty thingy about this line from your blogpost—–>’Basically, you can either get rid of the fear that your house will burn down, or you can get insurance, which will soothe that fear’

    is this also how excercise works, maybe? we exercise to soothe our fear that we wont lose weight. and once we take care of the fear mentally, the slim body falls into place?
    so the exercise isnt actually doing the ‘work’ for us.. only my minds doing the ‘work’ of keeping me slim?
    cuz i always find that when i hit the gym with a vengeance/ start regular running schedules that i might hate.. my weight climbs up instead of down, and no, it is NOT muscle ! dunno..just thought id ask you !

    • Hey Shibani,

      You’ve got it! Yes, exercise helps us to sooth the fear that we will gain weight or that we can’t lose weight. We have a strong belief that exercise is necessary to lose weight and so it can really help us to line up with the energy of weight loss.

      There are biological rules, of course – these are very strong beliefs about our bodies that we’ve all agreed upon. But even these strong beliefs are subject to our own personal perspective. This is why some people gain weight easily, while others don’t. This is why one diet will work for one persona another will not. And yes, calories in and out will affect your weight because that’s part of those basic biological beliefs, but there are many other things that can affect your metabolism.

      Perhaps exercising is causing you to focus on your body in a negative way, which is causing your weight to go up.

      Also, try measuring yourself to make sure that you actually got bigger. Because isn’t that the real goal? The size? Weight can fluctuate wildly due to all kinds of variables. Check your measurements to get a more accurate read. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • HI Melody, sorry your server got hacked. Through all the humour, I missed you getting it back up. did the Server have a back up.

    I use HostGator and they have been fantastic. I do back up by site and it gets sent to me every day, but I am still not sure if it covers the whole enchilada … they say it does.

    with that said, on one of my affiliate sites, I screwed something up good and proper and my whole site vamoosed.

    HG had it back up and running almost immediately. They back up regularly.

    I don’t think you attracted the hacker. LOL… shite happens…

    its all about how you repel it and get on with it.

    are you back home now? or still visiting your family in the States?



    • Hey Jayne!

      Yeah, it all came back up within a couple of hours after I found out. No one actually came after me, personally. The server got hacked, and my index.php page got replaced. Web Hosting Hub got it all up and running again from their backups in no time. I did attract my part of the experience, but it really wasn’t all that bad. Just a little wake up call to let me know that I had something to clean up.

      I’m still in the US with the fam until this Sunday. So next week all will be back to normal, whatever that means, LOL.


  • Yup, saw that page. It read ‘hacked by Tiger’ – somethingsomething. I got so afraid they’d somehow hack mine too, but that never happens.

    And here I was hoping to read more of your fun writing. I’m less about how it could actually happen (face it, we need variety). I’m more about how thi — y’know, I’m rambling again. Thought I could write a useful comment for once, but it seems it is IMPOSSIBIBLE on your blog. Which is a good thing. Allows me to be myself on another’s blog.. and that’s a good thing!

    Or maybe your shadow self decided to project itself into a hacker who suddenly got the fix idea that ‘I want to hack a blog’.

    • Hey Sol,

      Ha, ha. Well, I’m glad you can be yourself here. That’s definitely the kind of environment I want to create.
      Sounds like you have some fear around hackers yourself… But there’s nothing to worry about. All is ultimately ALWAYS well. 🙂


  • Hi Melody, shit happens! Thank God!
    “First it whispers, then it calls to you, then it yells, then it nudges and THEN it slaps you. After that it ..” – all right, and thank you very much!
    What would we do without our rabbit punches, which tell us that we don´t know, that we´re are not perfect, and – don´t have to be! We are cared for anyway, whispers, calls, screams, punches, the croaking experiences, whatever you need, I wait for you, patiently, carefully, respectfully – until you are ready to hear me. I draw back the moment you realize you are free (always were, always will be).
    Go and play, be yourself, unjudged, fearless, free. (Who needs to be perfect when she/he can be free?).

    Whatever we attract, we can change direction every moment (even if the bullet is approaching..). How delicious, if you can work with it, and track it down to the core (belief).
    I got a hacker for, I think, 3 years now, and I made him my personal friend. Someone who is so persistant must be in love, doesn´t he? What might my core belief be attracting a sissy, boring IT-nerd like this? 🙂 (serious question though, I´m wondering for years now..).

    Thanks for your interesting articles!

    • Hi Sara,

      As usual, you have such an eloquent way of putting things. “I wait for you until you’re ready to hear me.” That’s exactly what happens! It’s like a loving source that wait patiently and keeps nudging us until we’re ready to hear it. Sometimes it has to nudge pretty hard…
      I love how you turned your hacker into a friend. Actually, having a hacker friend could totally come in handy, he, he.

      Thanks so much for adding your valuable perspective here!


  • Thanks for your wonderful insights, Melody and for being transparent when you manifest an experience that is less-than-perfect. It makes us be able to relate even more. I also love the Tiger Woods’ coach analogy. Perfect!

    I didn’t realize your site was down, but thankful you were able to get it up and running fairly quickly and that no long-term damage was done.

    I have been struggling with some anxiety lately about my blog, business, etc…and not knowing the perfect way or the perfect action to take.

    It’s funny because I wrote about releasing the struggle in my book, but even the coaches have to practice what we preach, huh? Or perhaps that’s why the Universe bring such fantastic opportunities of contrasting experiences to us…to remind us of the power of our message.

    I appreciate you sharing this experience…as always, I love your voice and I love the pics you create for your blog. They are so humorous. They always put me in the perfect space of laughter and joy to receive the insight of your posts. Keep rocking out, my friend.

    • Hi Steve,

      Yeah… just because we’re good at explaining it, doesn’t mean we always implement it perfectly. The work is just as hard for us as it is for everyone else. Fear is fear, and it doesn’t go away just because you understand it (although I do think it often helps a little). I’m convinced that I often manifest opportunities to release stuff painfully slowly so that I can dissect it completely, which allows me to explain it fully after I’m done. I’ve set the intention to do that, and although it’s really valuable to the teacher in me, it can totally suck for the rest of me. But I’m getting better at gaining clarity without having to experience everything for myself. For example, I’m currently working on an article about Indigo children. I don’t even have kids, but I have a good understanding of the energy part of the phenomenon. So I can explain it. I don’t have to go through the process of raising a child in order to explain the energy. I wish I’d remember that more often… he, he.

      Thank you for your wonderful feedback and for sharing your own insights here. I really appreciate that.


  • heyy melody,
    when i saw your blog hacked i was a bit tensed but soon i realized that it was MELODY FLETCHER’s blog.
    You can understand what i am trying to say.
    Problems come in everyone’s life but what is important is how you react to them. And i was sure that a genius, an expert like you would not be depressed by such small problem. And i was right see.
    So all my fears were gone and i said to myself that i had to wait only 1 or 2 days for reading your blog again but i was wrong this time . I had to wait only for 5 hours
    🙂 😀

    • Ha, ha, Saurabh,

      A genius? Well… *blush* People are going to start thinking I pay you to say stuff like that. LOL.
      But seriously, thank you so much for your kind words. Now, just turn that same eye on yourself. Know that when crap happens to Saurabh, the genius creator, it could not possibly get him down. I don’t have any more power than you or anyone else. My gift is that I’m good at dissecting and explaining stuff. But we are all more powerful than we know, and not one of us has more of that than anyone else. We all have the maximum amount of potential.

      And you used that potential to manifest and line up with my blog coming back up quickly (I think that several of us manifested that together. How cool is that?!?). That makes me happy and I feel so honored. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Do you see how powerful you are?

      Super hugs,

  • Oops Melody,

    That’s a nightmare scenario as a blog owner- being hacked while traveling. I’m very glad to hear you could deal with it in a relative good way. Your website is back and running smoothly, without too much trouble, so your backup- and recovery plan has worked well. I think it never avoidable that this things happen – blog can be hacked, servers can go down and internet connection can go down, so having a proper plan to deal with it when it happen, is absolutely critical if you want to have a blog for many years.

    The other interesting topic of your story is the link between your vibration and what happens with your blog. Last months, I also experienced many times this strong link – it is like the heart of the blog is connected with the blog owner. What happens with my blog, has a strong influence on me and what happens with me, influences my blog. I’m still learning how I can influence this in a most beneficial, positive way 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your story!

    • Hey Marc,

      I see my blog as an extension of who I am, and I think most bloggers do. We bare our souls here (if we do it properly) and someone violates that, it’s like they broke into our house and rummaged around in our underwear drawer. It’s personal, is what I’m saying… But the connection exists because WE’VE made that association. It’s still a manifestation of ours and therefore, subject to our vibration. We don’t have to react to what happens, or we can control that reaction (if you get a troll commenting on your blog, for example, you don’t have to let it make you feel bad.) We should always remember that, ultimately, we are in control. We just have to remember to actually drive, instead of running on autopilot. Oooh, I like that analogy. I’m using that again…


  • HI Melody,

    Glad to have you back online and well.

    There seems to quite a bit of hacking going on this past week. My friends’ facebook also got hacked into. There was some creep impersonating him asking for money because he claims to be in trouble.

    This brings me to your theory of little negative energies vibrating towards a big slap on you by the universe. I do believe that things do not happen suddenly. There will always be signs leading up to the main event. Scary. So with all this hacking happening yo people around me, does it mean that I will be next? I guess some awareness and protection in case will not hurt over the next few weeks.


    • Hey Jimmy,

      If you’re seeing lots of hacking going on, you may well have a little teeny fear in there somewhere that’s creating. The good thing is that teeny fears are so much easier to clear up. Just direct your thoughts to safety, to why the internet is basically quite secure (how many people are NOT getting hacked? The ratio of hacked vs. not hacked is tiny). add to that the fact that a lot of hackers are doing it for sport, not for damage (your friend was inconvenienced, but not ultimately damaged), and incidents of the kind of hacking that people are afraid of, like identity theft, are really quite rare. It’s more likely that you’ll get your purse snatched. But let’s not focus on that either. 😉

      So clean that crap up and you’ll be fine. 🙂


  • Well this post was a chucklefest to say the least. 🙂

    I can’t speak for everyone but for me, personally, I would never expect you to be perfect to the point that you’re flawless. So no squinty-eyed stares from me. Like I’ve said before, I love this blog because of its human touch and because it’s by a person on her own journey instead of some saint sitting on his high-rise pedestal. If I really wanted crystal-clear, flawless perfection, I’d look to religion. 😉

    Also, I have the Bangladeshi hacker locked-up in my basement right now. I’m feeding him catfood to keep him going. …..I’ll get the pliers, how about you bring the blowtorch?

    • Thanks Derrek,

      If you can’t laugh at yourself, you’re just stuck laughing at other people.
      And thanks for forgiving me my flaws. As you would like me to forgive yours. 😉

      Blow torch is packed, I’m on my way. Don’t start without me. Also, I hope you’re not using the “good” cat food. None of that organic, all natural stuff for this dude. Chemicals all the way. Ha.
      Yeah… If I don’t have a movie to reference, I’m not that great at being evil… Maybe I could just have a chat with him and help him to release whatever crap made him want to hack in the first place. But that’s not as funny as… wait for the movie reference… making him squeal like a pig! (You may be too young to get that one, but trust me, it’s evil. Actually, I’m too young to get that one, but I still do. And most dudes do. So. Yeah. Evil.)


  • If this wasnt the most fuggin hilarious article yet!!! I cracked up all the way through! Nice one, Mel.

    P.S.- Ive been paranoid about hackers for the last month or so since my email was hacked, and Im kindly reminded through my cell phone twenty times a day. (Theres a strange reminder that I get that my email password is invalid.) So I guess I contributed to your issue some…
    Welp, Ive got some work to do! Thanks for another awesome article!

    As always, many big bear hugs back!

    • Hey Sophie,

      No worries chica. You didn’t contribute, but if you were aware of it, you drew that part of the experience to yourself. That’s all. 🙂

      Thanks so much for your wonderful feedback.


  • Wow Melody,
    I could tell that something was not right with you vibrationally when I left a comment on your blog a week or so ago. I am incredibly empathic and I basically feel the moods and energy of others. Yours was a little off kilter than normal.

    Anyway, maybe I unconsciously contributed to your hacker experience. 🙁

    I am with you when it comes to letting others know that we are not perfect just because we teach spiritual principles. I would not like it if people believed I was more than I really am. I’m human and I’m not perfect by any stretch of the imagination.

    I have met people that are high vibrational beings yet they wouldn’t have a clue or even the ability to teach it to others. They just are who they are. Or as Wayne Dyer would say,” A good man/woman doesn’t know he/she is a good man/woman.”

    At least you know to look for the warning signals when a negative situation manifests itself. Some would resort to the victim role.

    Anyway, I am glad that you are well and that your site is up and running again.

    Good Vibes To You Melody.

    • Hi Justin,

      That’s awesome that you felt the discord. It’s always hardest to see it in ourselves, eh?
      No worries. There’s no way you created in my experience. I had to let that manifestation in all on my own. I may not always catch my own lower frequencies right away, but I very rarely allow other people’s vibrations to affect me (and only then when they are very close to me and I can’t completely detach from their suffering.) So you’ve got nothing to worry about.

      Thanks so much for the good vibes. Right back atcha. 🙂


  • Funny story telling here, but I had to let you know it made me laugh and that is healing.
    I am still busy sorting out the key to why I have had this awful pain in my foot for 3 months…well really longer because it came on slowly and I just thought it was needing new walking shoes. Now I know it has to do with weight, and trying to get wise ears launched and fear and baby steps…and so much more…so I lie on the miracle balls for 4 hours a day and attempt to dig deep…also I see from Mind-Adventures and your replies that this has something to do with enlightenment towards full body/soul healing…so the pain had to be huge to get the searching happening.

    Glad it was a little hacking or repairable hacking experience… my IT person is writing her thesis and has all my techie stuff on hold until SHE IS READY…so I am pretty much lying around, reading and trying to figure it out…

    I have a sister but she sues me instead of name calling so it costs me lots of money to figure it out. I am hoping I have finally, at least, divorced her..

    Yep watch your language in Idaho around little boys…that is a crucial lesson too

    • Hi Patricia,

      Sometimes we have to manifest some really horrific pain before we’re wiling to pay attention. I’ve been there, trust me. But what you’re doing now is spot on. Just keeping doing what makes you feel better, what raises your vibration and the clarity will come. It sounds like you’re shifting some really massive energy here, so take it easy with this. 🙂

      Huge hugs to you,

  • Dude – this was a TRULY AMAZING article! Thank you. There is SO MUCH good stuff in here for EXACTLY following a process to see where hidden things lurk so we can get them out in the open and then choose something else. I teach this stuff and EVEN I was blown away by the incredibly valuable details in this process (that’s a compliment)! I was one of the peeps who wrote you so yes, I manifested this, too. Luckily for my super power Law of Attraction abilities – I wasn’t freaked out or annoyed. I was mostly just concerned for you so you could get your site un-hacked and back on track.

    Thank you for who you are in this world and for sharing yourself so authentically. Curse words and all.

    Pulp Fiction.

    Big squishy hugs,
    Lily Jensen

    • Hey Lily!

      You get the bonus points! Yay! 😉
      Thanks so much for your wonderful feedback and your wonderful support that day. I’m all better now, shiny and happy and hacker free again. 🙂

      Super hugs!


  • Hi Melody,
    I had to chuckle as I read this – NOT because of your troubles, but because you couldn’t stop until you figured out how you had manifested this! One of my best friends and I are also relentless in our pursuit of the key! Once when I’d had a fender-bender in a parking lot (not my fault) and called her she said, “I wonder why you manifested this right now.” That was near the beginning of our friendship, over fifteen years ago!
    Good for you in the way you handled it! Thanks for sharing your thought process. I hope the rest of your vacation will be more pleasant.

    • Hey Lori,

      It can be a bit frustrating when you’re in the moment, you’re kind of upset and your mind is going “Um, you brought this on. How did you do that?” Sometimes you just want to rant and rave… LOL. But ultimately, I find it so empowering to realize that I can clean this stuff up pretty much immediately. I shift my energy and watch my reality shift right along with it. It’s just too cool. 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your own story!


  • Hey Melody? I wasn’t Ms. Judgy OR Ms. Depressed. I was “Ms. Realizes Melody is Human and Therefore Runs Into Snags From Time to Time”. If you had a trouble-free, worry-free life 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, well…you wouldn’t really need be living much of a life, would you? What lessons would there be left to learn? Sometimes our most profound lessons & life discoveries come from snafus like this one. I believe that we are meant to experience setbacks and other less than desirable emotions from time to time…that’s just being human.

    I actually don’t like Tim Ferris – I read that book and I found a lot of it (especially the first few chapters) were him singing his own praises and tootin’ his own horn a little TOO loudly. I almost felt like he was preaching to the audience or at least trying to convince everyone that he wanted us desperately to think he is as special as HE thinks he is. And yeah…he’s special (aren’t we all?) but something about his ‘tude rubbed me the wrong way.

    • Hey Lindsay,

      You’re not the first person to say that about Tim. And I get where you’re coming from. I think he had to sort of show all of his successes in order to inspire people. The Updated version of the book has a lot more case studies. For me, the book just really got me thinking in new directions, in terms of what’s possible with technology and lifestyle. I’ve never been what you’d call a traditional, 9-5 company man, but I still got tons of ideas from it and that’s why I always recommend it. Love or hate Tim, he does get the reader thinking about new possibilities.

      And thanks for all the support. Life is certainly a lot more interesting with little annoyances like this. Plus, it makes for great blog posts. 🙂


      • I don’t think so Fred, but some people do. You’ll have to judge for yourself, just like with everything and everyone else 🙂 He’s incredible at marketing, that’s for sure, and he does a great job of sharing his life adventures, which I’m sure a lot of people live through vicariously. That being said, I totally get how how his self-promotion could be a bit off putting. I don’t completely agree with his nutritional approach, either. It’s heavily based on supplements and using pharmaceuticals to enhance performance. That might be fine for professional athletes, but when normal people start to use drugs instead of proper nutrition, it can take them into very hairy territory. To be fair, he does advise nutrition as well, but there’s A LOT of emphasis on drugs. So the 4 hour body isn’t something I personally recommend. Love the 4 hour work week though. 🙂

        Have you been giving off a jerky vibe lately? Is that what you’re saying?

        Ok, fine. Fist bumps,


        • My whole life, haha! Nah.. I have been feeling more jerky than usual though. Maybe it’s just a consequence of getting more in touch with my emotions. Now I can clear that stuff out and turn into a beacon of love. Or maybe not. 🙂

          I bought the 4 hour work week today. so we’ll see how it goes. I read some sample pages and really liked it. He did seem a bit braggy.. but no big deal.

          Business hugs,

  • Jesus Christ. This is the third time in two days that I’ve heard of Tim Ferris and his four hour workweek. I am definitely going to have to get that book.

    I actually had no idea they your site was down, so I guess I didn’t manifest anything like that.

    I did, however, manifest a job today. I start on the 8th. Thanks Melody! Yay!

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