A couple of weeks ago, I answered a series of very specific questions about the U.S. presidential election and politics, and the responses from that video caused me to make last week’s video where I was inspired to explain why I sometimes answer questions in a way that may not resonate with you.

I answered the question at the level of energy in which it was asked, which means that if you didn’t resonate with that level, if you didn’t resonate with the specifics of the question, then you may not have resonated with the specifics of the answer.

If you didn’t resonate with an answer to a question, I also invited you to ask that question at your own level and several people responded by saying, “Can you please give us the happy shiny puppy, general top view of politics, as you see it?” And, of course I’d be happy too!

Watch today’s video to find out what I said!



Hey my Happy Shiny Puppies! I’m Melody Fletcher, author of Deliberate Receiving: Finally the Universe makes some freaking sense!; home of all things Law of Attraction, reality creation and going on down the rabbit hole.

Today we’re talking politics, but in a very different way to how we did two weeks ago. That video was a very specific answer to a specific set of questions that I’d received over and over again. Today I’m answering a different set of questions sent from people who were asking me what I personally believe about politics, how I see it, and where I sort of live all the time.

Living with a specific energy and a general energy

I don’t live in a very specific place or have a very specific energy. I live in a very general space almost all of the time, until something really excites me and then I can get very specific about it. Politics, in general, doesn’t really excite me very much, so I don’t tend to get specific about it at all.  In fact, to do the video I did two weeks ago I had to go and look at some campaign speeches from the current candidates because I wasn’t knowledgeable enough about them. I’d checked in with them about six months to a year ago, checked out their energy, got bored with it, and stepped straight back out. I’m not a person who thinks I have to educate myself on everything I can find about a certain topic before I can form a general opinion about it. This may sound ignorant, but it isn’t really, because I’m not telling people specifically what they should do, and I’m not giving people specific pieces of advice.

I focus on the energy of something and I always go with what I’m drawn towards. So when I do research something to the nth degree, where I understand everything about it, it’s only because it excites me and not because I feel I have to know everything so I can win an argument. I don’t ever try to win an argument; I’m not here to win anything!  So, with that in mind, it lays the basis for what I’m going to say about politics here today.

Politics is a servant of the people

Politics, the way most people look at it, is all about winning and losing; there’s the right side and the wrong side. There’s the Democrats and the Republicans, and then of course there’s the Libertarians and other groups out there too, but in general it’s all about duality. It’s all about being split into two camps and having to identify with those two camps. Even when people spilt off into a third or fourth camp, they still do that and often in a way that relates to these two main camps. I don’t resonate with that at all, not as a whole picture. To me there are no camps; therefore I don’t live in a world where’s there’s any labels or any definitions that might limit us in any way.

For me, I’m just me and I get to believe whatever I want to believe, and I get to change my mind anytime whenever I get a new piece of information. I don’t have to live by any definition of “this is who I am” – not for anything. By the way, that’s not just with politics; I’m also the same when it comes to my gender. I don’t sit there and say, “As a woman I have to behave this way, or as a woman I have to think this way, or act this way, or react this way.” All of that is off the table; I get to do whatever I want to do in any given moment.

For me, I choose to look at politics as a servant of the people. It’s a representation of our energy and politicians, no matter how well meaning they are (or not, depending on how you want to see them), cannot defy our vibration. Government is nothing but a servant of the people, even if it doesn’t seem like that, because it’s still mirroring back our own powerlessness to us. From our own powerlessness, the government is going to seem very oppressive. If we are stepping into our own power, then we are going to see much more how the government is a servant of the people; and energetically the government is definitely a servant of the people.

Sometimes we don’t like what it’s serving up, but it’s still a servant. That’s a much more empowering way to look at it. So for me if we want to change the way the government is functioning and we want to change how we relate to the government, we have to change how we view things; we have to change our own perspective.

What’s my perspective?

The perspective that I have is that the world is rapidly waking up now. Everyday more and more individuals are waking up and stepping more and more into their power. This doesn’t always look like empowerment, though; sometimes it looks like rage (raging against the machine), and sometimes that can look like despair or crying or trolling. But it doesn’t matter what it looks like, because people are stepping into their power and they are reacting. They’re not just sitting idly by anymore, in denial, and hoping it will all just work out, because they’re not willing to take a look at what’s painful in their own lives. Whether people are doing this consciously or unconsciously (many people are doing it unconsciously), it doesn’t matter because it all leads to the same place. If you do it consciously, the ride is not as rough, which is why I recommend doing it consciously. But that’s your choice!

That is what I look at: I look at the beautiful processes going on everywhere on all sides of the camp, in all the different boxes. It doesn’t matter what your politics are, because this is something that unites us all. People might be at different points in their journey but they are all waking up and stepping into their power in different ways, and they’re manifesting that in different ways.

Everything is changing

This is happening, not just in the United States, but all over the world, and it’s such a beautiful thing to see. Of course as people step into this awakening, into this ascension (that I’ve talked about before), then of course politics is going to change; politicians are going to change; who we vote for is going to change. People who we’ve already voted for are going to change; everything is going to change because we’re going through this massive change. Of course it is!

The entire planet and the Universe are changing; our relationship with reality is changing. Our relationship with things like physics is changing, and if you’re not sure if that is even possible, go and read about quantum physics and quantum mechanics, and then come back and question again if our relationship to physics isn’t changing. The relationship with the fundamental building blocks of our physical reality is changing, so of course politics is going to change; everything is going to change. Everything is already changing, and if you are willing to open yourself up to that, you can see the evidence of that everywhere.

What I choose to focus on

I was asked in several of the emails I received if I wouldn’t mind giving a prediction, as in, “Melody what do you think is going to happen, specifically?” Of course, this is not a specific answer, this is a general answer and so no, I’m not going to give you specifics for two reasons:

1) It doesn’t fit into the energy of what I’m doing here today.

2) I don’t really give predictions. I don’t do that, and here’s the reasons why:

I can only see the energy of the people who are tapping into this right now, those who are seeing the video or reading this transcript. The majority of these people are tapped into this moment as they’re watching or reading but they can change, which means their energy is now different, meaning their future is now different. I don’t do psychic predictions. I also think they can be very limiting because first of all, most of the time they are not going to come true, and even if I see something unequivocally for you, if you make a different decision, if you change your perspective, boom it’s gone.  You’ll access a completely different set of realities and now this thing I saw so clearly for you, isn’t going to happen.

It can also be limiting because you may then act according to the prediction you were given, meaning you will not open up your energy to the next best path of least resistance that might open for you. Therefore I don’t think I’m doing anybody a service by giving out predictions.

I will give you a very general view of what I see in my reality, what I’ve been hooking up with and seeing, and also what I choose to focus on because it feels good to me. These are not specific predictions; there’s no timeline in these predictions in terms of, in the next six months such and such is going to happen.

What I see is that our entire government structure is going to break down, as well as our entire economical structure and our educational system. All of these old world systems are going to be breaking down and falling apart. But before you start to panic (if you choose to put any kind of stock in this and choose to focus on it as something you see in your future, then only choose to do that if it feels good to you), new systems, and I’m already seeing this in my reality, are being built up to take the place of the old systems. As the old systems crumble, they are essentially going to be crumbling away from the new ones coming up, like an old tree dying with a new one coming up from its center. As the new tree comes up out of the old, it will flower, grow and thrive.

I think this breaking apart – it’s not a bad thing, it’s not a chaotic thing, although it may seem so to some people, but to me, it’s a beautiful thing, an inspirational thing. I can see so many people being inspired to create these new systems. I can see a lot of young people and teenagers being inspired to create these new systems and getting involved in the process. I also see the people who’ve been in the system for a long time, who have gotten so sick of the old system that they’re inspired to create something new. It’s happening everywhere and if you care to look for it, you will be able to see that evidence for yourself. Again, that’s your choice.

Bottom Line

This is not so much a prediction as it is me just showing you what I see, and you can choose or not to choose to focus on it, whichever feels good to you.

For some people this is not going to be a satisfying answer, as it’s not specific at all. I’ve basically told you, “Don’t worry about it; focus on what you want to focus on!”, (and it took 10 minutes to say that), but that is really how I look at it. Hopefully for those of you who were asking the questions on this level, it was a soothing or uplifting answer, or even just a fun answer. For the rest of you, don’t worry about it! Ha.

For now, I’m Melody Fletcher, author of Deliberate Receiving. Huge hugs to all of you and see you next week. Bye!

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  • Melody, thank you for saying out loud what (many) others have discovered as truth too. You are enabling those that are ready to recognise where their energy is, to make the necessary changes, and help change the energy of the whole. Woo! Woo! That’s exciting :-). Thank you!

  • First you must promise you will forget what I am going to tell you…
    Yea, just like a dream… First… Do you dream ? If you are going to tell me
    you do not… I will say you are not from this world.. You See… Just like
    That…Your dream tells you what you want to know, but , it is a special
    message… There is some one looking for you not to see that message…
    why… because it thinks it will not be good for you in future events…You
    need to know how to see what you are representing into what you can do
    into your other lives…You See..

  • Hi all again…
    We will go down the rabbit hole for how ever how long you want to go…
    What do you want to know…Do you want to be lucky… I mean get actually
    what you want in your psychical politics…
    Listen up, what you want isn`t that far a way… just look it right in the eye,

  • Hey Melody,

    Hi, How are you? People are willing to change only if you are wiling to move them into a view
    of what they can manifest ! They just need to know there own power they posses. Do you understand… Or do you want me to tell the story like our Melody has been telling for he past decade … come on all you people telling us all your nice and beautiful stories, pleases….I know, you solely can collaborate on specifics, but, really, What are you really looking for… Please come forward…We just want to know…

    I love Melody & I vote Melody !

  • I appreciate that new view on politics. It’s something that never interested me and actually, I always kind of steered clear of, but I’m curious to see how politics shift in these new times. I always try to send love and clarity to the politicians in my home country, as they can most definitely use it to follow their higher knowing, and that reflects on them making the best decisions possible, which is what their core intention is. 🙂

  • Hey Melody
    Great read as always. I agree that things are getting better and lots of positive changes are afoot for us humans as a whole. It may not appear that way but when we can look beyond the appearance and see what is driving all that seems ‘chaotic’ there is something good going on. Kind of like purging toxins on a detox–the crap is coming up and making way for a healthier you. I really resonated with what you said about trying to exist in a more general energy. This is something I have been thinking about a lot lately. When it comes to manifesting in particular, we can become so focused on specific things manifesting and trying to cultivate these super-specific energies that will support these specific things coming to us, and it just creates nothing but anxiety and attachment.

    You’re the best

  • Melody, I just love your laugh. Thanks for this video. Also, I think you are doing a huge service by holding such positive vibes in a world mostly inclined to complain and whine(in my reality including me, a lot of people complain) and it doesn’t matter WHAT they have in life, they are still not satisfied or grateful (including me). And you send these positive loving messages week after week, and help me grow and think for myself, thanks SO MUCH for your service. And you end it with a beautiful laugh. Can’t ask for more! Thank you! <3

  • Melody has discussed this in blog posts before, so I’m sure a quick search will bring them up.

    Not trying to speak for her, but I had the same question myself, and what she’s said is that the destination will always feel like the journey.

    If it doesn’t feel good to practice piano or do squats or whatever it is, then the “goal” isn’t going to feel good either. I put “goal” in quotes because being fit or playing a song is not really your goal — what you really want is certain feelings. So ask yourself, why do I want this goal? What do I think it will bring me that I don’t have now? What emotions do I think it will come with? And then focus on those things.

    If you take action that doesn’t feel good for a goal you think you want, it’s never going to feel good. If you diet and do exercise you hate in order to be skinny — what’s gonna happen if you do reach your goal weight? (If you can even get there at all, which is unlikely if you’re pushing against bad feelings 24/7.) You’re going to feel like you have to continue to diet and do exercise you hate FOREVER to sustain it. If it feels like prison now, it’s going to get worse everyday. And then you’re still not happy because instead of feeling confident/happy/whatever reason you thought you wanted it in the first place, you’re going to be anxious about what you eat, miserable about exercise, and always feel like you’re teetering on the point of failure. (Which is not necessarily a bad thing because it might make you give up and stop struggling!)

    So, yes, focus on having fun now. Let your dreams find you. Being rich or hot or validated won’t make you happy. Be happy now and you’ll attract dreams that are in line with that. The people I know who are world-class pianists are that way because they LOVED practicing. They practiced everyday because they wanted to. I don’t know anyone who’s good at anything who was forced to do it (who didn’t eventually get injured so they physically couldn’t anymore, anyway). Remember, there is not really a dream or goal “over there.” There’s only now. So figure out why you want what you want what you think you want and focus on those feelings NOW. And be open to different ways of doing things. If you think the only way to be a painter is to go to art college, you might be closing yourself off to ways to paint that feel better.

    • I do want to be slimmer and more toned. I have health issues related to excess body fat and poor muscle tone, so this desire is primarily for better health. And also to look better! And feel better.
      When I took action in the past to lose weight, I would lose it because I stuck to my plan. But the results never lasted, and I would always end up reverting to my old weight. Maybe I should just accept that I’ll always be chubby and unhealthy? I’m not asking to be stick thin, just in better shape and at a healthier weight than I am now. Sometimes when I exercised, and I pushed, I ended up hurting myself, so I would have to stop to heal. When I got better, I would go at it again, but usually would have a strong internal feeling telling me this isn’t the path.
      I feel like I’m stuck in a cycle. I take action, get results, then burn out. The results don’t last either. This isn’t only with my body goals, but others too. There was a language I wanted to learn, and I still do. Whenever I pushed in the past, I would study for a while, but then I’d end up stopping. I would get headaches or really tired when I went to study or do anything else towards that goal, and after several times I could no longer take the discomfort and stress. So though I still have the desire to learn, I haven’t been taking action.
      I have trouble trusting the process. I’m afraid that because I’m not doing anything really inspired, my dreams will never find me. I’m afraid I’ll be stuck and unhappy, forever living a mediocre life. The things that make me happy now are really lazy and live mostly in my head. Just focusing on being happy and living my dream life makes me happy. But there’s not much action happening to achieve that.

      • I seem to have a soft spot for you today.

        Losing weight is heaps of fun, feels amazing as is exercise (if these damn injuries would stop – I love exercise that much these days that I’m sad when I get injuries – this was from a girl who wouldn’t bend down in a squat to pick something up and would just flex over to avoid working her quads)

        I’m going to help you lose weight. It’s going to be fun. Life’s got to feel like a video game. It’s got to be a challenge and fun to get to the next level. Burn out means you’ve ended your video game life and you need to start that scene again.

        Month one.

        You have a challenge if you wish to accept it. This goes out to all of you.

        You switch one meal six days a week to a salad. It can be any salad, even the fatty bad naughty salads. You will still lose weight. Go and google salads and make them, buy them whatever. One meal a day (except one day) needs to be a salad. Reckon you can do it?

        That’s it for now. I’ll speak to you in a month.

        • S&S, you are too sweet! For me the problem isn’t diet, as I actually eat quite healthfully. Plenty of salads, mostly vegan, organic everything and natural supplements for vitamins I may miss.

          I almost feel just accepting that I will never be thin, or maybe that I could be thin without doing anything, feels better than finding fun ways to exercise. I’ve been On that merry-go-round so many times, getting pumped up about a new exercise activity, in a group or doing it myself, and then stopping because I get bored, frustrated or worn out.

        • I’ve heard of people dropping weight and they didn’t change diet or exercise or anything like that. Weight just fell off of them, usually because they shifted some belief consciously or unconsciously. Or they got a health problem fixed that was preventing them from losing.

  • Awesome post Melody. I agree that there are going to be new systems.

    One thing I am concerned about sometimes is those who are stuck in a more traditional or “conservative” mindset. I think that as the world continues to wake up, it continues to threaten the limited worldview of such people. I can see it in candidates like Trump who blame this or that group of people for all of our problems.

    I’d be interested in knowing how this ascension process affects those who aren’t ready to jump on board yet. It seems like it’ll get harder and harder for them.

  • Hey! This is really helpful to me. Recently I’ve noticed a strong lack of desire to be specific about many, many things I used to be more interested in being specific about, and it has felt kinda weird. I’m glad to hear this is a normal thing. (Well, as normal as weirdos like me get?)

    Re: breakdown of education systems – YES! My child attends a fairly radical school that is based on children having almost total freedom to choose what to do within the school. I’ve noticed even in the time he’s been there how many people around us have started to see from their own experiences with their kids being in mainstream schools that there has to be a different way. Even in my own experience, over the past 10 years, I really shifted my perspective on what education should look like. I see many adults, even pretty “normal” ones who aren’t into LOA and so on, beginning to reject the idea of constant testing for kids. I think things are really starting to move.

  • Hey Melody,
    I can definitely relate to not being very interested in politics! I like your view of the old systems breaking down to pave way for the new. Your perspective is similar to mine!

    I have a few (ok, many!) questions about action. There are so many personal development coaches and spiritual teachers who say that to achieve a goal, you must take baby steps towards it every day.
    So if you’d like to be an artist, for example, spend time sketching or learning new painting techniques every day. Or to become a pianist, practice your scales, spend time studying music, and listening to accomplished composers.
    What if it doesn’t feel good though? What if all the actions you can think of to achieve your goal, even the ones that are better feeling, really don’t feel very good? You try to feel good about them, but they just feel forced, tiring and boring.
    What if you don’t really feel inspired to take any actions? Should you give yourself a little push nonetheless (let’s face it, even visualizing enjoying the action or writing positive aspects about it doesn’t always line you up…) or not take these baby step actions?
    Is it possible to shift your belief enough so that you don’t need to do as much or practice as much as others say you should, or even so you can find some fun and easy way to pursue your dream?
    Should you give up on your specific goal (like owning a business, have a fit toned body, etc.) if you never really feel like taking action towards it? And instead just visualize being happy? Or do things that feel fun now, even if they have no relation to your goal?
    Is it really ok to do absolutely nothing towards your goals if that’s what truly feels good and like relief?

    Eager to hear your response! 🙂

    • Just my opinion on this. I’d be asking yourself why you’re not excited about the steps leading up to your goal. I’d think perhaps it points out some places where there are limiting beliefs, or perhaps that you don’t really want the goal itself. You may think you want it because of what you think it’ll get you. Of course I don’t know your specific goal, but I’ve seen this sort of thing before.

      IMO action should always be enjoyable. If you feel like you have to push yourself a lot, then you’re just not taking inspired action. And, fear-based action is never going to get the results you want.

      I used to think I wanted to be a pianist. Then, it became a drag to practice. The more I tried to push myself, the more I hated it. Finally, I realized that it just wasn’t for me.

      You might also be taking action prematurely. Perhaps the Universe will line up opportunities for you that feel much better, if you wait a while. But, you have to be willing to take the actions once they come.

      • I can’t tell if I’m taking action prematurely or not. I haven’t noticed the Universe lining up opportunities for me to achieve my goals that feel exciting. One of my goals is to have a slimmer body in better shape. But I have no motivation to exercise or eat differently (actually my diet is pretty good, but of course one can always improve.)
        There have been times when I stuck to taking certain actions, and I would stick with them for a while, but would eventually go back to my old habits. Especially related to weight loss and skills Id like to develop, like learning a new language. So I’m not sure what’s wrong. Apart from the things I have to do every day, I don’t really feel motivated to do much. And I haven’t for a long time. I don’t know why I feel so burnt out all the time. Something that makes me happy is dreaming of my ideal life. I love thinking about how it will be. I love spending time in my emotions and feeling the joy of my visualizations now. I’m just worried I will never feel motivated or inspired to do anything again. I used to push myself to do a lot, but since I’ve stopped, I’ve been in what Melody calls the void for ages.

        • So why do you have the goal of being in shape? What does that goal feel like? Is it because you don’t like how you are right now, or because you are excited about what it will mean for you to have a slimmer body and be in shape?

          A lot of people tend to set goals based on what they don’t want. Unfortunately, what you don’t want isn’t really a good motivator, at least not long-term. So I’d look at why you really want your goals, and how that desire feels. Does it feel like guilt/shame, or like joy?

          • I want to be in shape, slimmer with better muscle tone, to be healthier and look better. I have health issues directly related to a little too much body fat. I want to be in perfect health, full of energy, alive and happy. I want to feel sexy and desirable! Should I just focus on cultivating those things in my life right now? Like wearing clothes that make me feel attractive, looking in the mirror and finding things I like about myself, and maybe even partaking in activities that I would do if I were thinner? In afraid if I do this, I will not manifest my desires body changes. I will feel better, but my body won’t change.

          • “In afraid if I do this, I will not manifest my desires body changes. I will feel better, but my body won’t change.”

            This is a common misconception. People are afraid that if they feel better *now*, then there will be no need to manifest the desire. But the truth is, the desire won’t manifest *until* you feel better. Melody in her book compares this to looking at a mirror, and wondering why you’re reflection isn’t smiling. First you have to smile, then your reflection will smile, too.

            Feel better, then the manifestations will happen to match that vibration. But as long as you’re feeling any sort of lack, like noticing how you’re not in shape now, you’ll just keep getting that.

          • I was just thinking…there was a time when I was thinner, naturally. I used to love to dress up and wear pretty outfits and put myself together really nicely. I still have many of those old clothes, but they no longer fit. So my idea is maybe, to purchase some new clothing in my current size that feels like the clothes I used to wear. Some things that will look great now. Maybe now I don’t really feel inspired to follow passions, as in activities that could be monetized, but there are still ways I can incorporate joy now. Apart from dressing and fixing myself up really nicely, perhaps I can also plan a trip somewhere! Or at least daydream about it. I could look for fun things to do, even places nearby to go that sound pleasant and fun. I could just make lists of things I could enjoy doing now. Even if they aren’t connected to any specific goals or long held dreams. Just fun things, simple things I can enjoy for fun.

          • Love it! 😀 All that sounds awesome. Anything to bring fun, enjoyment, feeling good, feeling comfortable in your own body.

          • That felt really good to write! I’m not sure how much I’ll implement right away, but it felt good to think of it. I need to learn to just let go of wanting specific things and just go with the flow more. I need to work on trusting that the Universe will give me great things, even if I don’t control the path. I just have trouble letting go and need to focus on enjoying life now.

        • Hi Anon

          I can relate. I’ve been in the void for a very long time. I just feel very meh about taking “inspired” and uninspired action. I used to write pretty much the same thing over and over again in these comments and many would join in on how much in the void they were but now I realize it’s a good thing and how oddly this seems to be related to those of us on this path more so than others who dont follow.

          That push I used to have from fear made me do a lot. I achieved so much more than anyone I knew but only because of fear not joy.

          Many people who finally realize LOA is real and now have faith in the system are no longer pushed by fear. Maybe we acclimatised to that feeling of fear and without such an intense emotion we are bored? Maybe worrying used to make us feel like we were doing something and feeling so much (even if it was painful). Not doing that makes us feel like we are in the void. It’s like a numb bored feeling to me. I guess that’s not such a bad thing after all. I would rather be bored than stressed but what I really want is adventure, fun and excitement. I wondered how we create that when we are vibrating in the numbness of the void (I have a suggestion further down).

          Then I start wondering, maybe we are not really in the void, perhaps we are just so close to what we want that there isn’t a huge shift anymore when things happen and like Melody has said in the past, when it (manifestations) happens for you, you just come to expect it. You may not even realize you’re manifesting incrementally.

          So here’s the suggestion for what I’ve been doing to climb out of the void.

          Get a diary for 2016 and write down three things you’re grateful for that happened each day each night at 8:30pm. Set an alarm in your phone to remind you because you WILL forget.

          Even if there’s not much going on for you, science has proven doing this makes us much much happier and us happy shiny puppies know what happiness does for us desiring to manifest.

          Apparently it’s not only the actual stuff that we are grateful for that makes us happier, it’s the positive shift in our thought process while reflecting back on our day looking for those three things.

          Maybe by writing it down, there will be evidence of a precursor which you appreciate to lift that mood, to get your vibes flying high again.

          So lets say you write down tonight, you noticed that gorgeous muscley man in the sexy car staring at you at the lights and it gave you a feeling of being desired for those 3 seconds, you could acknowledge that he was the precursor to the man you think of in your fantasies (switch genders or other desires if necessary).

          After a few weeks, you’ll notice a pattern and you’ll get excited. These are your universal messages that help shift the void. I’m doing it now, it’s working albeit slowly – the big universe seems a bit slower than my intensity.

          I remind myself it’s all happening behind the scenes and in it’s perfect timing which is more important than my desires arriving at the wrong time (because they wont last like I want them to).

          Like you, I also live in my fantasy where there is so much feeling and emotion. My real life seems to lack a bit probably because of the contrast of a high love story 3 years ago (that I only released a few months ago – I only mention that incase that’s you too).

          • Thank you for your suggestion S & S! Wow, I’ve attracted some excellent answers here, so thank you all of you who kindly share your wisdom. 🙂

            I think I will try what you’ve been doing…setting my alarm to remind me to write about three things that made me happy during the day. To be honest I’m not sure how long I’ll keep up with it, as I tend to stop doing these types of things after a few weeks. But I have just set my alarm and prepared a special place in my phone’s notes to write.

            I just saw your other answers too, so I will respond soon!

          • Thanks for this, S & S! You captured some of what I’ve been thinking and feeling lately, along with a simple approach for shifting things. You have my appreciation.

    • So should I just back off of all my specific desires and goals (like weight loss, learning a new language, new apartment, extra income, etc) and instead just focus generally? Generally as in, just focus on cultivating the feeling and belief of “I don’t know what’s going to happen, but the Universe knows me better than I know myself, so it will be awesome!” I find my problems with action, disbelief, and other resistance tends to manifest when I go specific. When I try and make something happen or take action that feels uninspired, I get frustrated. Sometimes it’s difficult to let go of desiring the specific manifestation/goal and stop latching onto it. But from what I understand, don’t we need to let go of desiring the specific thing to let in whatever most matches our highest joy?

      • If I go specific or enter in timelines, it’s not so much my resistance that gets in the way, it turns out what I want isn’t really what I “really” want so I go not only general but I just say things in my head like

        The universe knows what I want and knows what’s best for me. Send me something that I will really enjoy and appreciate. That could be why I’m so stuck and only manifesting baby desires. I have learned to act like the Goddess I will feel like with such a wonderful man and oddly more signs appeared when I visualized (because I wanted to not because I forced myself to) receiving 2 dozen red roses from him. It was so easy to visualize it which means I had little resistance to it.

        You could suss out your resistance by visualizing your new body or your new apartment. The visualizing will help you face your resistance. If you want a apartment on the water but each time you visualize an apartment it’s in the bad area of your country, then ask yourself why you dont deserve to live where you want.
        Ask is there anyone similar to me who lives on the water? You only need one person who has that trait or part of you you think is not worthy to prove that if it’s possible for them, it’s possible for you. Once you acknowledge it, then you’re done. That’s all that’s necessary. We all seem to make it so much bigger than what it is. It make may a cameo appearance every so often, the brain needs a reminder every so often.

        How many desires you should focus on – everyone has always told me to focus on only one or two things at a time. My desire for an ambitious man who has many of the traits I find attractive has enough desires within in that one desire so I only focus on him and having fun in the meantime.

        • “It turns out that what I think I want Isnt what I truly want” This brings up a lot of fear for me, really deep fear. The idea of not getting those things I want (they do not have to be the exact specific thing, like down to the street address of an apartment I like or something like that) freaks me out. It triggers really, really deep fear that throws me into depression. My issue is that I fear the Universe giving me some crappy watered down version of what I want, because it has so many times in the past. It never ends up bringing me the things I dream of in full form. So I feel really let down and even hopeless sometimes.

          Then comes the question, what’s the point of learning about LOA and manifesting if we don’t even get to manifest specifically? Like if you’ve been wanting to manifest a partner, you manifest money instead. Not that you aren’t gracious for the money, but it doesn’t feel the way a relationship would. (This happened to me, and I was very confused by what occurred, as for a long time I had been generating feelings of love, connection, warmth and other feelings I associate with a loving relationship.)

          I still want to manifest a relationship, even more than the new apartment. The last man in my life was several years ago. We saw each other on and off for nearly a year, before I moved away. There are so many things I like about him! Who he is as a person, his personality and temperament, and many other little things too. But I didn’t really feel physically attracted to him, and this was a problem, because I felt like I was settling and there was definitely a negative tension during sex. We definitely had chemistry, but for me the raw physical attraction and feeling of really being infatuated and in love just wasn’t there. Another thing was that he didn’t want to commit to me. He had no interest in a committed, already had children and other attachments from exes, and was just interested in having a sexual fling and friendship. We would only meet when it was convenient for him. Also our age difference was too big for me to feel comfortable with. I would really like a partner who is a little closer in age to me, desires he same type of relationship as I do, and who I find very physically attractive (the kind of man who makes me want to rip his clothes off!!) I don’t mean to sound really superficial, but these things do matter to me. I notice I have a pattern of attracting men who are interested in me but I’m not physically attracted to them, or those who I feel attracted to physically but they aren’t looking for a relationship.

          I like your suggestion about asking myself if I know of anyone who has what I want. This could work both for my apartment and for a relationship. There is a certain area id like to live in, but it’s a bit too expensive. Still I know someone who lives there who found his place at a very good price. And there are many other ways that desire could come to me too.
          There are two women I know of who are with the “type” of man I really desire. Physically, personality and just who they are overall. I admire so many things about their husbands! I would love to have a man like they have. Their husbands are very close to my ideal, and I use their traits in my visualizations all the time.

          Actually I notice that I’ve been spending most of my visualization time focusing on my desire for a boyfriend. It feels really good to imagine him, I could do it all day! Even when I’m at work or running errands, I love to think of him whenever there’s a spare moment. When I lay in bed feeling lethargic, thinking of him makes me happy. I don’t even know who he is, but I can visualize him in rich detail. His voice, inner qualities, mannerisms, physical appearance, the way I feel with him…it’s all really vivid and realistic! Sometimes I worry that I’m getting too specific though, even if it feels good, and am slowing things down.

          Another thing: I don’t get out much. I’m afraid this could slow me down in meeting the boyfriend I dream of. Apart from places I need to go and the odd social outing every once in a while, I just don’t find it very fun or enjoyable to go out in the area I currently live. This probably sounds like pushing against, because shouldn’t I just go out now and make the best of it? Sadly visualizing and laying in bed is a lot more fun than taking a walk nearby (I don’t live in the safest area…) or the long trek to the nicer areas of town. I like to pull the covers over my head and just dream of my ideal partner and being happy together. I also love to play with the little kitten I adopted a year ago! She is so cute and makes me feel so happy. 🙂

          On the other hand…I’ve read plenty of stories about how people met their SO’s when they weren’t going out much. Or when they were out doing things they normally did. So should I really force myself to leave home more, or is it ok to tend to my vibration here if that makes me happy?

          • I’m glad it brings up fears, it means you have an opportunity to face that fear, acknowledge it and rethink how you want to see it. Sometimes I just say to myself it’s OK to be fearful or else the thinker in me wants a solution and if I don’t get one right there or after much worrying, I get severely anxious. And IF you fall into depression (which you likely wont because you’re aware of it), WE will be here to catch you (we are two sisters who use the same email and username – BTW I’m Simmy)

            And here’s something I felt was meant for you. It’s a snippet from an article from this amazing woman on this super funny and joyful blog. I’m not sure if I’ve reworded it a bit to suit me and my situation but it’s in my LOA evidence file.

            “You weren’t even close to manifesting that awesomeness then. The value of this relationship was to get you one step closer to the awesomeness. It was there to prepare you and get you ready for the relationship you really want. It was there to help you overcome your insecurities and fears. It was there to teach you how to be more authentic instead of defensive. It was there to help you realize that some beliefs just weren’t worth hanging on to, because they were too painful, and that this pain was totally unnecessary. It was there to show you that you’re worth so much more than you thought you were (a lesson you may still be learning). It was there to show you that men don’t need to be douchebags, but can be much nicer than you may have previously known they could be. It was there to help you discern, with greater clarity, what you really want”.

            And the money you received was just a fabulous manifestation. You didnt’ get the money INPLACE of the relationship – you likely have less of a hang up with money than you do in relationships. That’s all.

            I went shopping the other day and a young tatted up muscular guy stopped me, said I was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and wanted to go for a coffee – my more stunning girlfriends dont get approached like this in my country. I was grocery shopping, I wasn’t done up, I just have an easy time accepting men who are about 15 years younger than me approach me and when these lovely ego strokes happen, I’m always “not” looking, I’m always just being and not even super happy. Infact my first stepping stone – my first experience with love, infatuation and chemistry was when I was 36 years old and I was as low as I’ve ever been. He exposed those fears and I’ve dealt with them. I’m one step closer to finding my man (or woman). It doesn’t matter where you are physically, that’s where he will be. You don’t have to go out anywhere specific, just go out with a mindset that when you do, it’s for fun, not for finding “him”. If you don’t want to go out, don’t. I’ve given you evidence of how it can happen, someone mentioned he may just be introduced to you directly. That’s just a smidgen of how it can happen. You’ve got enough on your plate, just allow the Big U to work out the how’s.

            While you’re in the void and finances are good, sign up for a coaching call and buy Melody’s book. It fits in so well with all her articles. I just wish there was a volume 2.

            So tell me more about his voice, his personality, his looks? How he interacts with you? What’s the most romantic thing you’ve done together (or for you)?

    • And another question for Brandon, Melody, or whoever else feels inspired to answer 🙂

      I remember reading a while back about how Melody manifested the new Bullshit Fairy drawing. She wrote about the progression to the final drawing, and how she had to go through several artists and many edits.

      I was thinking of how this could apply to finding a partner. If you want a relationship, do you need to go through dates and sexual relations with many different people in order to become a match to your dream boyfriend/girlfriend? What if you have dated many people in the past and are really tired of partying, the dating scene and having sex with people you aren’t truly interested in. You’re sick of actively pursuing a relationship and aren’t interested in the traditional ways of getting one, so to speak. Could you line up with your new SO through visualization and appreciation instead? What I mean is focusing on traits you like in people already in your reality (kind, fun, good-looking, intelligent, charming, etc) and then just visualizing being with your dream partner who has all of these things and more. So you would be defining your desire and becoming a match, even though you aren’t physically sifting and sorting (not going on dates, not having a dating profile online, and the like.) I hope this makes sense!

      • I know it’s possible. I think it’s possible that he could even appear as though he’s been here the whole time but really only became 3d as you desired him. That’s how confident I am in the universe. Some days I doubt this and think I’ve gone crazy but most days I have seen enough evidence to know “anything” is possible. As bad as it’s gotten, think of the opposite of the spectrum, that’s also how far up it can be better if that makes sense (it’s a good thing I dont give LOA advice for a living). Always look at both aspects of the spectrum not just the negative.

        There is another LOA teacher who discusses men and dating so much more than Melody but I’m not confident in her, there’s only Melody I believe and one other who also doesn’t talk about dating much – anyway that was my piss poor attempt at working at Melody’s heart strings. Tina, can you email her this comment. PLEASE!

        Back to anon – When a man who’s vibrating in the same space you are in comes into your life, it feels overwhelmingly exciting to do all that stuff you write about in your comment. It doesn’t matter where you’re vibrating. If you’re in a bad place, he will still arrive but he may have some issues to deal with (it’s likely going to reflect your lack of self love) but either way, he will fire up your girly bits and he will make you feel alive again. It wont be a boring chore that you’ve done too many times before. It wont feel like that at all! It feels like you can’t take another breath without having him nearby. Dating websites not for you? – Dont worry, he can turn up as your new neighbor, the owner at your childs preschool, the pizza man who happens to be the secret billionaire boss lol, someone who happened to break down while you’re walking (despite having a brand new car hahahaha and it miraculously starts again once he gets your phone number), someone who drove down your street and stopped his car to answer his phone…. Let me tell you, the universe managed to get me and my ex (who I was dying to see) at the same intersection one afternoon (which is highly unlikely almost improbable), I’m pretty sure you wont have to “do” anything. Just allow it. If you believe me, he will arrive with ease, if you doubt me, you’ll have to go online because that’s the “only” way it can happen. So save yourself some time and believe me hahahaha. I suspect the reason my man hasn’t arrived yet is because I’ve got something else to work on – it’s definitely not my beliefs.

        About the sex you mentioned above – I may get in trouble for this one as Melody says we should do whatever feels good (and those that do things from a good place, dont ever want to hurt others) but if you’re having sex with people you aren’t interested in as described above, STOP! If you’re having great sex but you’re just not interested in them, that’s a different story and carry on. I’ve heard using your powerful moment of an orgasm can help in manifesting. I wonder if anyone has had experience in this (if you do please reply even if anonymous).

        • Yes, that is true what you say. Great sec is great and you can continue doing so in that case if the other party also understands and you are both on the same level and you share the same type of relationship. Do not hurt the other party, though. A true LOAer does not do that, as you know, so just a reminder. But if you are in your vortex, having a blast and leading life to the fullest you won’t hurt anyone and you’ll thank each other for the great time.

          I hope this adds to the great sex/not really interested in long haul question. That part caught my eye so I added my 2 cents. If not, this is my advice. Keep dating and having fun and the right person will come in. It’s perfectly ok to have fun with other people in the meantime.

          • What if dating your dream person in your mind is more fun than dating real people? I really don’t feel inspired to date right now. Of course, if I met someone I really liked, then I’d reconsider!

        • You just gave an answer to my other question, perfect! So he really can just show up (I will use you as another example for proof!) I don’t need to go online or go to singles events. In the past I tried online dating, several times, but it never felt great to me and I didn’t find anyone who felt like a true match.

          I’m a little caught between what Melody teaches (or at least what I think she does?) and what other teachers teach. We don’t have to take action if we are aligned because the manifestation will still come to us if we’re a match. Many people say though that you still have to get out there and go on dates and make ourselves available. That feels like too much work for me though. Again, what feels more fun most of the time is just dreaming of my dream boyfriend! Dreaming of him, our relationship and everything we’ll do together.

          I stopped having sex with people I don’t like. Actually, I was kind of forced to in a way. When I moved, those people who I used to see often but wasn’t attracted to drifted out of my life. I decided, in my new location, to no longer behave the same as I did, and I haven’t. Unattached sex with people you aren’t really interested in may be fun to some people, but it’s not for me. It feels really, really bad. Ok, sometimes good in the moment, but I feel unhappy and just gross afterwards.

          When I had to move, I was heartbroken, but looking back I see that it may have been a good thing overall. I am more financially secure, have better access to resources and necessities, and no longer feel as desperate for company and connection that I settle for people I don’t really like. My life is much more boring now, but at least I can live in my fantasy world and do whatever I want to there.

          • You may even be directly introduced. That’s how the Univetse works. It will bring you together. I have experienced all these scenarios, so believe me when I tell you.

          • Of course you should like them. If you don’t then by all means stop. I meant to have fun with people’s company you enjoy and get a lot out of it can just relax with. That’s what I meant. Hopefully this clarifies. If you are not having fun, then stop, like you did.

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