Is it possible to feel 100% powerful, to know that you’re an infinitely powerful creator, ALL. THE. TIME? Why do we, even after having studied and understood the CRAP out of this stuff, still sometimes dip into the fog where we don’t feel all that certain that we have any control at all? How long do we have to put up with doubt, goddammit? I answer these questions and more in today’s video. You’re welcome.



Awesome Dudette’s Burning Question: “I would Love to know how I can live everyday with the LOA. I am so, so, so much happier than I was 5 years ago, and my life is good. But, during some periods, I just seem to forget a lot of what I’ve learned. I would love some small tips to keep the ‘I am a powerful and wonderful creator AND look at my amazing life’-vibe going.” 

Well Awesome Dudette, here’s the thing: First of all, you cannot NOT live with the Law Of Attraction. It’s like saying I’d like some tips on living with gravity! It’s a law and it’s always working for you. It’s always working to attract things to you that you are a match to. Your reality is always mirroring back your vibration; it never ever stops.

What you really want to know is: How do you get into that state where you are deliberately attracting things into your reality? How do you attract the things that you actually want to attract into your reality? You want to know, how do you stay in that state where you know you are a powerful creator? And there, I can give you some tips.

The first thing that you have to do is to accept that you are not going to feel like a 100% happy shiny puppy all the time. And here’s why not:

Your vibrational range

You have a vibrational range and today’s most awesome thought, today’s most awesome perspective and today’s best feeling that you have access to will become tomorrow’s bottom of that range. As you continue moving up the vibrational ladder, there’s always going to be something at the bottom of that range that you’ll want to get rid of. There’s always going to be sandbags on your hot air balloon that you’ll want to cut loose and drop. But that doesn’t have to be a difficult or traumatic process.

Accept the fact that there are always going to be things that you want to get rid of. Things that are not currently limiting you, the beliefs that are right now serving you, can become limiting beliefs tomorrow. If you think about it this way: If your current belief system is the size of Box A, and you are operating within the limits of that box, if this is where you’re energy is at, then there’s no problem and no pressure. But if you start to expand and you start to evolve, there comes a point where you are going to break out of that box, or that belief system, and that belief system is going to become limiting to you. That is what happens when you start discovering beliefs that were not a problem before but have now become a problem.

This is not the same as the clean up period we go through when we get rid of unworthiness and we get rid of our childhood trauma. This is when we start to take things further. Things that weren’t a problem before will now start to become a problem. Although it’s not really a problem, it just becomes limiting. For example, when you were five years old you wore a certain size jeans and now you’re an adult you can’t get into them anymore. That’s not a problem; just get bigger jeans!

Accept the fact that you are going to have some negative emotion, you are going to dip from time to time, and you are going to become more aware of things. Your energy is going to seemingly dip from time to time. That’s part of your evolution and not only something that you’d do well to accept, but something you can accept as part of the awesome process that is working for you.

Nothing has gone wrong

What’s happening is that this is part of you stepping up. Part of you is levelling up as you expand and bust out of those limitations. This happens over and over again because where you are now isn’t a problem… until it is, and you bust out of it. Then something else isn’t a problem until it is and you bust out of it. Etc., etc.

Always understand when you are in the moment of resistance, when you are resisting and you have negative emotion going on, it’s like you’ve gone into a valley. You are not on the mountain top anymore where you have clarity. In the valley you don’t have that view and you can’t really see very far, which means that you seemingly forget what you know. You seemingly forget the beliefs that you’ve come to understand, they suddenly become grey, hazy and fuzzy. It means there is something inside of you that isn’t yet up to speed, but now you are in the process of bringing it up to speed.

By understanding this stuff intelligently, you can understand that if you keep yourself in a state of detachment where you can see what is happening, you see that you have some negative emotion going on, you then understand that nothing has gone wrong. You don’t have to freak out about it, because you understand it’s all part of the process of integrating a part of you that isn’t yet quite up to speed. You don’t yet have that clarity, but you are bringing it into the fold where you will have that clarity. It’s like a self healing.

I know I’m mixing a lot of metaphors here but I’m trying to make this clear for you so that you understand nothing has gone wrong. If you get into this space of “nothing has gone wrong, everything is going right”, you can actually celebrate these moments of dipping. Not only will that make the whole dipping experience much, much easier – you will surpass suffering (you will have some discomfort but you won’t suffer anymore), but you’ll come out of it much faster.

Don’t focus on trying to impress other people

In part of your question, you said: “I am a powerful and wonderful creator AND look at my amazing life.” I’m really nit-picking here, but you have a teeny little bit of focus on other people and proving this to them. You are focusing on you getting validation and justification from other people, but you don’t need to do that. Become aware of that when it’s happening. It’s not something that’s happening all the time, as you are in a really good state a lot of time, but I can feel it. Every once in a while you are going into, “let other people see what a great life I have.” In those moments you are actually in a little bit of self-doubt. You are wanting validation from outside of yourself. When you do that, there’s actually a little bit of a dip where you still have a tendency to look for validation outside of yourself. You are not yet stepping into your power.

Bottom Line

What this really comes down to, and the empowerment that we talk about, is you recognizing that you have the ability (THIS IS YOUR POWER!), to unconditionally focus on that which is not yet in your physical reality. You achieve a feeling of your choice. It is your choice. You can choose to focus in a way that allows you to feel the way that you want to feel – unconditionally. This means it’s not tied to outside conditions; it’s not tied to anything that must happen so that you can feel this way. You can generate the feeling within yourself anytime.

That sounds like, “Can I feel good all the time?” On some levels you can. You can actually feel good about not feeling good. So the answer is yes… and no! Sometimes you are going to dip as you bust out of that next level of limitation, and there is going to be some discomfort in doing that. You can actually feel good about that, because you understand what’s going on and you can still feel good. This means you won’t have any suffering and you won’t be sitting there wondering why you don’t feel good. You can know generally what is going on, and you can move through it and out of it much, much faster.

So essentially, I’ve taken nearly 10 minutes to explain to you that if you take the judgement out of it, then you are going to feel a lot better and you are going to be in a more powerful place. Tah-dah!

Hopefully all that made sense! This was this week’s Q&A. For now, I’m Melody Fletcher, author of Deliberate Receiving. Huge happy shiny puppy hugs to all of you and see you next week.


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  • Hey there S is it,

    Yes to your question, you have no idea what there is, because how
    you asked. I will tell you this, just because you asked. You exit not
    only in this reality simultaneously, but in many without realizing it.
    You have the ability to focus into others, but you need to train your-
    self to do so. Do you understand !

    We assume we are a solid form, in the actual we are just energy living
    in a illusion we believe we are real, but without memory of other lives we
    exit in because of our protective ego. Subconscious ,the thnker,
    Believe you are very in-love with what you do ! Then see what happens !
    But you really have to have the feeling… You see…

  • Hey Melody,

    Correction ! Can I say I am inspired by the grand bridge you are building to support us all !
    Love you !

  • Hey,
    How could one go about manifesting a change in body structure? There isn’t a surgery for what I’d like to change. Can we alter changes in bone and how fat is stored? What would I need to focus on to allow this to happen?

  • “you have the ability (THIS IS YOUR POWER!), to unconditionally focus on that which is not yet in your physical reality. You achieve a feeling of your choice. It is your choice. You can choose to focus in a way that allows you to feel the way that you want to feel – unconditionally.”

    LOVE that part of the video. Such a great reminder.

  • This is not really related to this blog post, but I hope someone can answer it for me!

    Is there more to life than just LOA? If LOA is just a ‘rule’, rules can be broken all the time right?

    Is EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING we are experiencing merely a reflection of our own vibration, or can our Higher selves ‘impose’ things on us so to speak for a higher purpose? I guess you could call it destiny/fate, but I just want to know if we are able to experience things ‘outside’ of LOA. And what about pure randomness/chance?



  • Nice post Melody,
    The point about outside validation is interesting. As an artist, outside validation becomes quite important, or at least, sharing and showing work to others is part of the artistic process. Others reactions become part of your guidance system, whether you accept or reject their opinions. Without this sharing process, you would be sitting in your own little bubble, creating stuff for your own amusement, which, though valid, would be missing a lot. Obviously this view has a lot of preconceptions about what art is for etc, but seeing the opinion of others is not necessarily a bad thing surely?

    • This is very interesting! I’d like to hear opinions on this too. What I know is that when you create art with the intention to have others like it, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. However, when you create for personal pleasure, no matter who likes it or not, that’s the best thing ever. And then you can ask people not whether they like it (that’s giving your power away), but whether they have some advice on technique you used, or if they see something off, or if your art is giving them some ideas, which they can then share with you. Their guidance can let you see misproportioned parts or something, which you haven’t seen until they pointed it out, because they see it with “fresh eyes”, and different view. Well, that has been my experience anyway, but I’d like hearing yours, too.

  • Hi Melody
    Loving the make-up too here!
    A great post and quite timely for me however very useful for all LOAers I think.

    It explains the reason behind why lately I feel things are moving fast and I am having some amazing high vibration days where great things happen one after another, but then not long after that I have a shitty day. I’m almost coming to expect this pattern. I know that because I’m reaching for a higher vibration all the time, that it’s just resistance coming up to be released so I let myself feel it and work through it.

    Just remember, the more ambitious the goals, the more resistance!! I like to remind myself on crappy days what you once said about resistance just meaning that you are moving closer to your goals.

  • Awesome info on the video, Melody, you sure know this stuff! 🙂 Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! BIG hug, Julie 🙂

  • I’d just add that our emotions have their physical counterparts in chemicals, and when we feel a certain way for long enough, our body gets used to that chemical state. This works beautifully in our favor when the emotions we feel the most are positive. When they’re not, we have to constantly practice the ones we want to feel so our body can purge “the old reality” chemically and start being flooded by the new happy shiny chemicals. When it does get used to that new state, happy and shiny becomes our natural state! 🙂 And if, in that state, something limiting comes up to be released, the physical impact of that limiting emotion feels much greater, because we are already used to the happy chemical state! Nothing gone wrong there, quite the contrary, it’s just another step in purging the old to reach even higher states of the new. 🙂

  • Melody, you are hilarious! – As always you have the ability to put things so wonderfully into perspective (with apparent ease, I might add) and today’s video has not varied from this – Thank you!

    PS I agree – Your makeup does look great! 😉

  • Hey Melody
    I loved, loved this. I am constantly reminding people about this sort of stuff. On one level we get we aren’t going to feel that way all the time but on the other, there is that part of us that is definitely hoping that will somehow happen. It is all about looking at our ‘negativity’ in a different way. I like to call this issue the ‘human factor’ in manifesting. While I would love to say I was in that high vibe all the time after all this ‘work’ I have done that’s definitely not the case. I have made peace with that to a larger degree and it has made life a lot easier. I think when it comes to a teaching like the law of attraction, it is easy to get so obsessed with our inner world, and make every waking minute about manifesting what we don’t yet have…gotta be careful

  • First of all, Melody you look absolutely marvelous dah-ling!

    This is by far the best explanation I’ve heard yet. It is fantastic.

    Just when I was comparing myself to others who have a perfect life. I mean really, the have it all. They’ve never struggled. It just all came to them like that. Perhaps I’ve gotten stuck in those valleys for too long and it has become a habit. I remember what it was like out on the plain. I miss that and I am in and out of the valley. I definitely be one more deep and cognizant about stuff when in the valley, but outside is awesome too. ????

  • This is great. It reminds me of Abraham saying that we weren’t meant to stay in the Vortex all the time. We were meant to experience the contrast, then use that contrast to jump right back into the Vortex. We can use that contrast to actually help su to know where we are still holding on to resistance.

    Energy is so expansive. It’s so exciting to think that there’s really no end to our evolution.

    I used to really be interested in the teaching about enlightenment, as some “end-point” of our spiritual evolution. But now I realize there is no end-point. There’s no point when we’re just there. We’re always growing more and more every day.

    I’d love to know, do you think there’s a time when we’re perhaps done with this one specific world, and maybe move onto other dimensions or other worlds? This makes sense to me personally. This specific physical reality has a lot to offer in terms of experiences, but it also makes sense there are lots of other realities out there with lots of other experiences to offer. I’d love your thoughts on that.

    BTW, I think your mic might have been turned down today. Had to crank up my volume to hear you clearly.

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