Have you been feeling a bit weird lately? A bit off? Maybe you’ve been scatter-brained, or you’ve had moments where you’ve lost time, or maybe you feel totally overwhelmed by other massive changes in your life. What the hell is going on?

Well, it turns out that this ascension business can come with some side effects, many of which you may already be experiencing. If you have, today’s video is for you – I’ll explain the seven most common symptoms, as well as how to mitigate them. If you haven’t been feeling anything, don’t worry. Not everyone does. But if you do start to become “symptomatic” (lol), you’ll know what’s going on. Weeeee! Down the rabbit hole we go!



Today I’m going to be talking about ascension once more.  This is the fourth video that I’ve done on the ascension series, and probably the last one for a while.  This all has to do with the insights that I received in my last trip to Peru and there will be many more coming in the next few weeks.  This first little series gives you a taste of what’s to come, and will set you up for the rest of the year.

Today I’d like to talk to you about the symptoms of ascension, those pesky symptoms that you might be experiencing that are causing you to freak out a little bit, because you don’t understand what’s going on.  It’s my hope that once you do know what’s happening, you won’t freak out anymore; you’ll just let it happen and maybe even enjoy some of it.

These are not the symptoms that you will necessarily experience.  You could have just one of them or have no experience of any of them.  This is a very personal and unique journey.  I’m going to be telling you about some of the symptoms that I’ve had and about some of the symptoms that people I know have had. Don’t worry about them hitting you all at once, or even if they’ll hit you at all.  This is more about you understanding what might be going on with you right now.

Everything is speeding up and more and more people are now going through this process, which means more and more of you might be experiencing some of these.

Before I go further into it here’s a little disclaimer – The information contained in these topics is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice.

Symptom #1 – Ascension Flu

The first most common type of symptom that you might be experiencing is a physical purging. With purging, I’m referring to a symptom where your body is getting rid of something in order to help it get rid of toxins or shift out negative energy that you may have shifted or maybe you are shifting out of your system.  Purging does not have to be terrible but usually it’s not all that much fun, either.  It can lead to diarrhea, a fever, or flu like symptoms.  Just recently I read the term “Ascension Flu” being used, because so many people are experiencing these types of symptoms. It could be something like you experiencing a lot of mucus coming up, something like a mucus-ey cough.

If you are experiencing this and you are suffering, of course go to the doctor, there’s no shame in that.  You don’t have to think that you should be all spiritual and you shouldn’t be using pharmaceuticals.  If you need antibiotics, use them, but understand if you are having some kind of persistent symptom like this or it shows up for just a day or two without any explanation and then goes away, it may very well be this ascension symptom.  Don’t freak out, but if you are suffering horribly, get it taken care of and get some help and relief, because remember this whole journey is about feeling good.  Don’t suffer unnecessarily because you are trying to be at your “purest”.

Symptom #2 – Exhaustion

This second symptom is also a physical symptom that almost everybody I know is experiencing and that is exhaustion.  You could be going through periods of extreme exhaustion where you are feeling really tired and you need more sleep than you normally need –  maybe 10 to 12 hours a night.  You might have started struggling to get through the day and I have to tell you, I’ve experienced this exhaustion on a heavy level.

In fact, 2015 was probably the hardest year physically that I’ve ever experienced.  I haven’t talked about this until now because I don’t usually talk about things that are ongoing; I usually talk about them when I’m on the other side of them.  I dealt with quite a bit of exhaustion, although it wasn’t constant.  I did have periods of having quite a bit of energy, but on the whole, my energy was a lot lower than it normally is.  I’m a very high energy person so the way that I dealt with it was to take lots of rest and I made sure I babied myself whenever I needed to. I slept a lot, taking naps as much as possible and I didn’t push myself to do things when I wasn’t feeling up to it; and I didn’t beat up on myself.  This all helped a lot.  I just surrendered to it as much as I could.

The exhaustion has now gone which is not to say that periods of that might not come back, but it wasn’t like an illness kind of exhaustion, it was just a real fatigued kind of exhaustion.  Just about everybody that I know who is doing hardcore spiritual work is going through this at the moment or has gone through periods of it intermittently.

If that is happening to you, please don’t worry.  If you are feeling that type of exhaustion do your best to be kind to yourself and rest as much as possible.  It will pass, and all of these symptoms that I’m talking about are temporary.  They are a sign of a shift, a change and you are not always going to be experiencing them.  It’s not some kind of chronic condition; it’s more about you crossing the bridge and while you are crossing it there are certain things that are going to be purging out of your system.  Certain things are going to be shifting and some of that is going to show up physically.  If it does, please don’t worry too much about it, just do your best to be kind to yourself.  Surrender to it and give yourself what you need.

Symptom #3 – Time Dilation

Another symptom that you might be experiencing is that time is changing and it might be losing all meaning to you.  This has certainly happened to me and to quite a few people I know.  This is a fun one and one you can start to enjoy if you aren’t freaking out about it. So, what could be happening to you is that 10 minutes go by but it feels like an hour, or conversely an hour goes by but it feels like 10 minutes.  That could increase for you as it has for me, where my perception of time is completely out of whack.  I have absolutely no idea how much time has gone by – generally not ever.  I don’t have a feel anymore for what time of day it is.  I’m finding I don’t really care either!  I’m living much more in the moment (which is where this comes from, living much more in the moment), and time doesn’t really exist as we think it does. This is why we can experience this time dilation in greater and greater instances and with greater intensity than ever before.

If this is happening to you and you are wondering how could time have gone by so fast or how could only 10 minutes have gone past because it feels more like two hours to you, understand that you are shifting into a different energy now.  Unfortunately, often in our world, it does feel more like only 10 minutes have passed, but actually lots and lots of time has gone by and then we end up being late for something.  If you find yourself not giving a crap about what time you are supposed to be somewhere and it’s all distorted a little bit, again understand that this is really you just shifting to a completely different energy.  You are shifting into a dimension where time doesn’t exist the way we think it does.

Don’t let that scare you, because it will stabilize for you again and then you can actually have fun with this.  You don’t just have the ability to speed up time, where two hours have suddenly gone, you also have the ability to slow time down, too.  You might want to play with that a little bit – where it seems that hours have gone by and you’ve been very productive but only a little bit of time has actually passed on the clock.  Maybe play with that if that’s happening to you.

Symptom #4 – Faster Manifestations

Part of this time issue is also the time buffer that we have for manifestations, meaning as you focus on something and you get the energy rolling, you’ve started a “Progression of Manifestation”.  This is a term from my book and it’s about how manifestations come into physical reality.

You’ve started a new progression of manifestation, you get some momentum and energy going and from the time when you do this to the time that it manifests physically, that time buffer has always been longer than it is now.  It’s now starting to get shorter and shorter, which means manifestations are coming in faster and faster.  Now that may mean that manifestations of your resistance, by which I mean your limiting beliefs – the stuff that is keeping you from manifesting what you want, are also manifesting faster and faster and slapping you in the face.

If that is happening to you, it means you are levelling up, so do your best to shift those beliefs one at a time; get yourself through it.  It’s happening faster than before but the good side of that same coin is that positive manifestations are also happening faster.  Allow yourself to see the correlation with the work that you are doing and with what’s showing up in your reality, and how it’s happening so much more easily.  This will then shore up your belief that this stuff is actually real and that it actually does work!  Which it does! The most common thing I hear from my clients is: “OMG Melody, this shit actually works!”

Lives change when you start to apply these methods and you step into higher and higher vibrations.  Again, you are going to see manifestations coming in faster, both manifestations of resistance and manifestations of awesomeness.  Never forget about the manifestations of awesomeness, because with you guys being so intellectual, you get so caught up in doing the work, you forget the point of all this – which is to have fun.

Symptom #5 – Diet & Habits

One of the other symptoms that you might be experiencing is that you’ve maybe noticed some rather drastic or subtle changes to your diet or your habits.  You may be drawn to completely different foods or you may no longer be drawn to foods that were your favorite foods; now you don’t really want them anymore.

If you are wondering what is happening, it’s because your body is going through an enormous amount of change at the moment.  Again, it can bring up some physical symptoms and your body is going to tell you what it needs.  The best thing to do is to listen to it, because what you need may change again and again.  Don’t get too caught up in which diets you think you should be eating, either.  Should you eat meat or not?  Should you eat carbohydrates or not?  Should you have a green smoothie every day or not?  What it really comes down to is listening to your body in the moment (always listen to yourself in the moment), and just react to that.  If you want meat today, go ahead and have meat. If tomorrow you want to eat vegan, eat vegan.  Don’t be so rigid about creating rules around it. Listen to what your body is telling you in every moment, because what you need may very well change.

Habits may also go out. You might stop drinking alcohol or you may simply reduce your alcohol intake.  You may stop smoking (or you may start smoking, lol)!  Even your exercise habits could change.  If you are used to being a person who pushes and punishes themselves in the gym, you may find you have no interest in doing that anymore and you’d rather do yoga instead.  Try not to judge so much what is going on with you, just be gentle with yourself and go with it.  A lot of this is going to culmintate in you being much gentler with yourself and you then benefiting from being gentler with yourself.

Symptom #6 – Disorientation

This symptom that I want to talk about next can scare people quite a bit when it happens and that is disorientation.  If it is happening to you please don’t freak out as it’s something that you can definitely learn to deal with, plus it’s only a temporary symptom.

It is possible at times to become disorientated, even just slightly, but if you are a person who still harbors a fear, for example about going insane, which people do have (in masses), then this symptom can bring up quite a bit of fear.  Not all people have fear with disorientation; I tend to enjoy my disorientation!

Instances where you lose track of what you’re about to say, or walking into a room and you start wondering why the hell you’re there, may become more numerous.  You may forget mid-sentence what you’re talking about.  You may forget some appointments that you have.  Again, tying that into the time thing, you may forget what time your appointments are because you’ve completely lost track of time.  You may find yourself wandering down a street and you don’t remember making the decision to go there, but as you were daydreaming, you took a turn that you’ve never taken before.  You might be wondering, if this isn’t your habit, why would you walk down that street?

If things like this are happening to you, understand that once again this is a symptom of you shifting into a different reality – one where the physical world doesn’t have the same meaning, the same importance, or the same pull that you grew up with.  Some of that can be a little disorientating, but if you feel you are completely losing your mind, go to the doctor and get yourself checked out.  For the most part, if you are having some of these little glitches don’t freak out, understand that they may very well be symptoms of ascension.

Symptom #7 – Massive Changes

The last symptom that I want to talk about is the one where your life may drastically change and friends, jobs, acquaintances or stuff you have may gravitate out.  This can be kind of alarming to some people, thinking they’re losing all their friends, or getting downsized in their job, or being pulled into a field they’ve never gone into; this scares them.  You might even be inspired to move to a completely different State (or country), like me!  This can be a little bit scary, because you’re wondering what’s going to happen, because this is the unknown.  Will you ever make friends again?  Will you like this new place?  Will you ever get another job?  But here’s the thing:  All that’s happening is that stuff is gravitating out to make room for the new friends, the new house, the new place, the new job. And here’s the thing that’s going to kill the fear around that – The new things are going to be better than the things that have gravitated out, because you are levelling up, you are not levelling down.

That means when these types of things gravitate out, if you don’t freak out and you stay open and have a positive general expectation about things improving as they come in, then you are not going to slow down the process.  Before you know it, you’re going to have a completely new life.

One of the things that I always find funny when I work with people is when they tell me about the things in their lives that they’d like to change and when we start to apply these methods and their lives actually start to change, the next phone call with them is about them freaking out because their life is changing!  I think that’s so funny; they want change, but they freak out when it does change!  But here’s why we freak out:  we are afraid of change, because we have this assumption that change is going to be bad; it’s going to be negative; change cannot possibly be a good thing or be something even better.

I would advise you to work on that and start to deliberately choose to see change as:  “What if it is better?”  You can soften it; you don’t have to just accept that it’s going to be better.  But what if it is actually better?!  Ponder that for a minute or two, not just 15 seconds, and get some energy going!  Don’t stop after 15 seconds, go for a full minute or two and ponder – what if the changes that are happening in your life are going to bring in more awesome?  Because that is actually what is happening and that is open to you as long as you stay open to it.

Bottom Line

I hope that I’ve dispelled some of your fears around some of the things that might be happening to you.  Please don’t take it that this is definitely going to happen to you as you go through this process.  None of these things may apply to you, they may happen in different degrees, or other things may be happening that I didn’t mention here.  I gave you the top ones that I’ve experienced and that I’ve talked about with the people I know who are going through this process and who are having these kinds of symptoms.  These symptoms are what I have personal experience with and ones that I can talk knowledgeably about.

If you are experiencing other symptoms, please leave a comment below and maybe share your own experiences so that other people can also benefit.  Please give me a reaction, a thumbs up or a thumbs down on You Tube (or a comment here on the blog!) – any type of reaction so that this becomes a two-way conversation; I really do appreciate the comments.

This has been this week’s Q&A, until next time, Bye!

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  • Yes! I have been experiencing almost all of these weird changes. Thank you for bringing them to light as it is a relief to hear that so many others have felt these too and that instead of it being a bad thing, it’s a pretty exciting thing. That whole shifting into a different physical reality sounds so intriguing. 🙂

  • Wtf…so many synchronicities about what I am also going through (your recent articles!). Lots of intense energy and emotions coming up to be released over the past year. The previous year, I was obsessed with getting rid of beliefs (to get manifestations of course…) via Morty Lefkoe/Sedona Method, then I felt I went down the rabbit hole too far and something took over!
    With the help of Mooji, Hale Dwoskin and Adyashanti I’ve been understanding this process much better and finding myself being slowly stabiliized in my truest identity rather than “egoic” mind identity.
    Are you going through the same thing?

    I remember when I first came across this blog, I was trying so hard to manifest shit lol. Now I don’t even care about pretty much anything anymore. I feel a sense of “been there done that” with anything, and it is growing! There’s still lots of stuff to clear up though.

    I’m becoming really authentic with people naturally. Not even trying. Things are happening, damn.

    PS: There is something about your vibe compared to 2014-ish….I find your vibe very very sexually attractive and open! And you are not even my conditioned mind’s type! (even its concept of type is dissolving slowly) What have you been doing?!

  • Thank you so much for this post. I am experiencing all of it to some degree. I keep having to talk myself out of the fear that there’s something really wrong with me. Since January, my negative manifestations have been happening within hours of just thinking them. While the positive ones take weeks. I’m currently reading your book for the second time, and I think this law of attraction is starting to make some freaking sense, lol. But I’m still not how I’m manifesting. Can you give me any suggestions on how to switch my manifestations to the positive ones happening within hours of the first thought?
    Thank you so much, your blog has been an asset in keeping me grounded and sane. I love the way you explain everything, it’s like walking down memory lane.

  • I’ve said for years that I must be part phoenix. Every once in a while the old me dies and out of the ashes the new me rises . . . and I never know what that new me is going to look like until the transformation is complete. I just go with it and watch with curiosity to see what comes up. My taste in decorating, diet, wardrobe, and hobbies can completely change. Things I never had an interest in can completely fascinate me.

    Last year was one of immense fatigue for me. I attributed that to my brother’s passing, but looking back, I can see it was really an ascension symptom, because in November I started another “new me.” The biggest changes so far this time are health, wardrobe, and diet . . . I say “so far” because it doesn’t feel like the transition is complete yet. At 55 years old, I feel better than I ever recall, even as a child. More energy and I feel like my body is flowing the way it should be. I did a 28 day detox diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, and a plant based protein drink and felt so good that I continue to eat predominantly that way. And my manifestations have definitely sped up. Life is truly good!

    Does anyone else ever experience these massive transformations or am I just an oddball?

    Thank you for this post, Melody!

  • Hi there Melody and Friends,
    I have an LOA question. Let’s say you have this dream of becoming a world famous actress. You dream about it all the time, see yourself acting and living your dream lifestyle, but never take action on this dream. You set out to create a plan for achieving it years ago, but you haven’t actually done much acting at all. You don’t live and breathe acting. You love the idea of the dream, but the reality of all the industry, training and work needed to get there deters you from actually pursuing it. How do you accept reality and get over a fantasy like this? How can you more easily focus on your real dream career instead of wanting to be a famous actress when it’s a symbol for something else? How do you line up with your true path? (Eg the one you are effortlessly inspired to act upon, the one where opportunities just flow to you and everything falls into place.) This is the situation I’m in and would appreciate any insight and guidance! Thank you so much!

    • Dear Anon, My first thought of reading your comment is that you feel a bit overwhelmed by your dream. This is something I realised myself this weekend: I have felt a bit in a “crisis” since I have done most of my big dreams, and I wanted a new big dream. But then I just understood that my dream is to maximise the joy of life, and I will do this by just doing everything that excites me for now, and then it will just automatically lead to awesomeness without me having to think about it. So I recommend the same thing to you. Do the things that excites you now. Like if you are thinking “Having a nice bath would be nice”, or “invite this friend for dinner would be nice”, or “listen to this cd, or read this book, etc etc. would be nice” Do it! I also recommend to search for “Abraham Hicks swiss cheese” on youtube. Here he explains on how to break down big dreams to smaller pieces that makes you excited to do, instead of having this overwhelming feeling. To sum up: Do what makes you happy, whatever it is 🙂

      • Hey Jenny,
        Thank you for your advice! Doing what feels good, even if it seems unrelated, sounds like it will be fun. Sometimes I worry though that I will not be inspired to take the necessary actions. I need to work on just trusting and going with the flow! I will have to watch that Abraham video, I don’t think I’ve seen that one, and it sounds like it would apply perfectly to my situation!

        • You are inspired to take the necessary actions already as you think “sounds like it will be fun” 🙂 that is inspired action! The universe knows the path to what you want, you just enjoy the ride and it leads you right eventhough in your logical mind you can’t see why for example talking a nice bath will make you a worl famous actress. Just enjoy life 🙂

  • Great post! I think I have had Ascension Flu a few times and each purge has seemingly prepared me for huge shifts throughout my life. I also deal with exhaustion when I am not in alignment and I need to give myself permission to rest. I have also experienced the remaining signs in one way or another throughout my life. Thank you for reminding me that all of these symptoms will pass and it is always a sign of a positive and upward shift.

  • Omigosh! I so needed to read this! I seriously took a pregnancy test even though I’ve been getting regular periods because I felt so out of sorts. I have all these moments that I remember and can’t pin point if it was a dream or it really happened. That line has been extremely blurred for me. Atleast no I can stop fearing the early onsets of Alzheimer’s.

  • Good post, thanks Melody! 🙂

    I have experienced the time dilation, eg. “How can it be 7pm, it was 5 o’clock 5 minutes ago?!” lol. I’ve also experienced disorientation in the past when I’ve been really stressed out and sometimes get it now still.

    I’m someone who wants my life to change for the better but has a hard time dealing with change, so your other post on not freaking out about it has been useful.

  • Hello Melody!

    I enjoyed your video about ascension symptoms. I’ve had various symptoms that would wax and wane for the last 20 years and each year it seems to ‘get worse’. I’ve read about ascension symptoms many times and many places and developed a belief that’s what was going on with me. I was comfortable with the changes although at times they absolutely were concerning. I would just following my body and ask for guidance.

    This ‘method’ worked well for me until the symptoms that used to wax and wane became consistent, worsened and increased. Since 2010 after a rights of passage ceremony I felt extreme fatigue that left me bed ridden for 3 months. I went to the doc and he diagnosed adrenal fatigue (duh). Even though there was a diagnoses and treatment, the fatigue is still with me. I’m not bed ridden anymore but the fatigue and many other symptoms (including a lot from your video) is still here.

    It’s been six years of one thing or another, many that I would conclude to be ascension symptoms. I basically have been walking in two worlds. One foot in the ‘It’s ascension symptoms’ world and the other in ‘maybe there is something truly wrong’ world.

    I kept this seeming balance until about 2 1/2 years ago when my then 15 year old daughter started experiencing fatigue and many of the other symptoms that I was. She missed an entire school year because of it. This bumped me over into the ‘maybe something is truly wrong’ world–possibly genetic?

    I researched heavily (like a desperate maniac) to find out cause all the while wondering if it’s ascension symptoms for her too. The symptoms are affecting our lives in a SERIOUS way and I had to let go of any notion or concept of ascension symptoms. It didn’t matter if they were or not because the facts are we cannot function fully.

    I discovered a potential cause which fits like a glove for both my daughter and I. We were diagnosed with POTS. It’s complicated and I would take up the entire blog explaining it. Because the CAUSE of POTS is pretty much unknown, there isn’t much that can be done about it. I just couldn’t settle with that and ultimately manifested a doctor in Texas that offers intensive treatment and I’m leaving this week for a week long pow wow with a team of doctors who’ll get to the bottom of things as help us to manage these symptoms.

    It sounds hopeful doesn’t it?

    I want to continue to be hopeful but the ‘ascension symptom’ concept is bothering me. I keep wondering that the symptoms that just used to wax and wane and got louder were brought more to the surface because of the energies available? Aren’t physical symptoms a reflection of old energy that’s been around a while and are releasing?

    The trip is costing some big bucks and I’m going into debt over it and I can’t help but think that if this is ascension symptoms and they’ll go away eventually, then why go into debt? I’m feeling doubt about this and I’m feeling uncomfortable but I’m still making the choice to go. It’s just missing the full YES feeling. I feel that if I don’t go then I’m just tricking myself into staying in pain and if I do go then it’ll be ascension symptoms that will clear–in time–even though it’s been six years and I’ll be wasting a boat load of money.

    I’ve already spent over 50,000 (with insurance) in the last six years trying to find cause and feel that the Texas trip is the final hoorah into finding out cause as well as manage symptoms.

    It makes sense to me that the waxing, waning, somewhat latent symptoms could escalate with a rise in frequencies and managing symptoms no matter what the label is the wisest move to make. It just sucks to think that this amount of suffering is due to ascension and this thought only adds to my frustration. Maybe this is where the ‘I’m so bored with Life’ feelings have been coming from? I truly am bored trying to figure it out and ‘fighting the system’ all to feel a little better.

    I’ve been ‘riding this out’ for long enough.

    I wonder if anyone else has experienced this side of what could be called ascension symptoms this strongly?

    I appreciate the work you do Melody and look forward to your next video!

  • Hey melody,

    How is it going with you these day`s, I know there is something seriously going to happen, because I can feel it in my ” freaking acing left knee ” Normally can tough out
    a flu virus. Okay most of the time. Can you tell us more about ( will-power ) ?

    Thanks Terry

  • Melody,
    How long do these symptoms of ascension take place normally? Also, how long should we be in the void and can we be in both ascension and the void at the same time? I think I have been in the void too long, 3 months, and am also in the later, as I sleep a lot and and feel really lazy I am normally kinda like Starbucks drinking crack head…..I wish this would kind of end as I would love to start doing something soon..just have no inspiration and am not inspired into action…I am actually kind of sick of not giving a shit…But I think if you are in the void for too long that means you still have resistance to clean up. ..Correct? Any feed back is greatly appreciated.. Happy Spring everyone!

  • Hi Melody,
    I can’t remember how I found your website, but I did a week or so ago. And then last week, I got an email from you with a link to a video about Ascension. It was well timed.
    late last year, I travelled to India. I didn’t have the big spiritual awakening while I was there, although there certainly were a few times where, now in retrospect, I can see that a lot of small things happened, which were slowly waking me up.
    Since India, I have had four colds in succession, flu-like and the most recent one, my sinuses have been very blocked for over a week. It was getting me down a little, until I saw your video. Now it’s all falling into place.
    Even last night I dreamt that I was on a speeding train, I was with my friend who has just lot her father. I was a little scared, but knew nothing bad would happen. My eyes were wide open in this dream and I was observing the countryside around me. I even saw what I thought looked like a guru. Following a quick google this morning, I can see that this dream symbolises a spiritual journey that I’m on.
    Just wanted to say thanks and drop you a note.

  • So glad to get this in my inbox this morning. I have been so tired lately and just trying to go with it. And I recently had an ER trip and surgery to remove a cyst on my ovary right after several anger releases in a row–at the time I felt immense relief along the lines of “Oh! well I don’t need that anymore! Let’s get it out!”–like all of the energy work I had been doing about my body image/health was paying off, but the last few weeks I’ve been tired and out of whack (and had a couple more anger releases). I was starting to be worried I was doing this all wrong. Thanks Melody.

  • Whew! I have been dealing with all of the above. I chalked it up to middle age and oncoming menopause! But perhaps I was a bit hasty in dismissing it (or drowning in it) as such. I appreciate your spin on a more positive perspective, Melody. Certainly much to consider here and it makes sense. Good food for thought, as always. 🙂

  • Hi there Melody. I realize all this my son has gone through from the hospital stay to getting his one kidney fixed, to his new employer moving with all to a new place , much nicer, To my son losing 30 pounds due to his hospital stay, he is in an ascension pattern. I’ve been driving grand kids really far to go to school like 80 miles round trip 3 times a week, every other week, to losing weight, like 20 pounds. I do not feel ill or anything, and yes the sleep thing, well definitely wanting more sleep just recently, even after I’ve slept 4 hours. Only craving salads and raspberry dressing and Welches, farmers pick juice, no additives. I find myself having to help more injured animals in the neighborhood, People driving to fast and not watching well. I have been more than very busy these last few months. Spent a lot of time at hospital with son too. Thanks for all the positive input here. Sometimes we get to busy and forget to notice we are in an ascension pattern. You are so fun to listen to. Juniemoon

  • I’m loving these posts on ascension, they’re really resonating and just make sense to me. Personally for me, Law of Atttaction was something I got into because of material things that I wanted. But now it’s so much more than that, it’s really not about the gorgeous apartment or the millions of dollars in the bank (but I won’t be complaining when they show up) I can’t even explain how much your work has changed my perspective on life for the better. Looking forward to more posts about it because no one explains things they way you do!

  • This makes so much sense! My food tastes are changing, my weight is changing, and I get drunk just smelling wine! (Cheap date, LOL) I like thinking it’s the Ascension change, and not THE change of life.

  • I’m so happy to hear this. I’ve been wondering the past week what was going on with me, since I had my first sick days ever from my work (the flu). I never get sick. And only two weeks ago I had a really content feeling where I am in my life, and then bam! I started working again this week but have felt really low of energy and not like myself, I felt exhausted. I’ve been thinking through my life, if I should start working with something else, but I can’t figure out what would excite me. I understand now that I should just let myself be low and don’t worry, it will work out and I will be a happy shiny puppy again.

    I wonder if anyone else had problems with migraines, and managed to get rid of it? I usually get a headache on Sundays, this for several years. A few weeks ago I had enough and went to the doctor. He told me it was migraine and I got prescpiption for it (symptomatic treatment). Just after a friend told me about someone she knew who had headaches on saturdays, and who started eating magnesium, and the headache disappeared. I thought it sounded to easy to work, but then figured that it might be a manifestation for me to stop the head ache. It got better as I didn’t have a head ache on a sunday since, but now I can get it in a weekday instead. So I have felt my body going a bit bananas the past weeks. Would love to sort this out too!

    • I used to get frequent migraines. Someone told me to take vitamin B2 (riboflavin). It is inexpensive and water soluble (so whatever your body doesn’t need will be flushed out in your urine). I haven’t had a migraine since I started taking it 8 years ago.

  • I’m confident ascension MUST be happening because everyone is feeling this but Im not….zilch, zero, nadder!

    I really felt I had mastered LOA compared to the insane person I used to be. I truly have many of you to be appreciative of even if I manifested the guidance and love myself. My entire existence has morphed on every aspect and one is in motion.

    However, I’m not feeling anything out of my ordinary manifesting and thats maybe because Im numb or because I’m so experienced at allowing and trusting. I’m even leaving my husband after a 1/4 century together and so calm about it. I trust and believe it will all be not just ok but awesome.

    On a more positive note regarding ascension, my sister is experiencing cliches in dimensions. Its fascinating! She is getting cross calls, people answering calls/ numbers that were definitely not mis-dialled, seeing our mother slightly different looking (longer nose) and within seconds our mother pulling up in the driveway, those sharing space with us (walking through walls), buildings collapsing around her (she describes it like a message that our foundations are being altered) and immediately after hearing an alarm experiencing something unexplaineable. I’m witnessing it only second hand through her.. Maybe I’m not ready. I’m the lesser control freak and very allowing of shifting so I’m confused why the energy won’t pick me up? Im the manifester and she, like you all, is tapped into something very exciting.

    Melody, don’t leave me behind. I want in. It sounds like heaven after the shift you described in this video.

    • I was wondering about this take on the ‘symptoms of ascension’. It would be easy to get worried or competitive about it and think that because you aren’t getting symptoms that you are an LOA lightweight or something. I’m sure that’s not what Melody is saying, but us humans being the way we are it’s going to strike some people that way. ‘If I’m not ill I must be doing it wrong’. . .

      • Hey Jon,

        Yeah… I actually anticipated that response, and did attempt to mitigate it by repeatedly stating that you don’t have to have symptoms at all, lol. Not everyone has symptoms. And we can’t really ever be “doing it wrong”. 🙂



    • Hey SweetSugar,

      It sounds to me like you’re doing just fine! Not everyone will have symptoms, and if you’re not, count yourself blessed and celebrate that! Don’t you worry, you’re in. You can’t not be in. And you’re pretty consciously in, or you wouldn’t be on this blog. 🙂

      Huge hugs,


  • Hi Melody. Thanks for this post. It feels really good to read and bask in the knowledge that this energy is here and we can relax and let it support us. I really resonated with your advice that we be gentle with ourselves during this time of transition.



  • Hi Melody-

    My whole house has been sick the past 2 weeks, uncharacteristically sick for us. At the same time, I have FINALLY (oh my gosh, I can’t believe how long it’s taken me to begin to grasp this) started to understand the value of anger. I’ve been re-reading your book again and this time I started to actually understand what you’re saying in the anger section. Anger/resentment/blame has been coming up for me particularly during the illness I’ve been getting over – for the first time ever, I think, I’m understanding that I can just let it up come up (in private) instead of trying to fake my way to a better attitude about it.

    One thing I’m confused about: are we vibrationally kind of a “smear” across many frequencies? On many topics I feel like I’m vibrating higher than powerlessness or anger… in a lot of things I think I’m around the void you sometimes talk about (I frequently think “I don’t really care” or just feel blase about things these days) or am in frustration or boredom. So it’s sort of startling to me to find all of this anger bubbling up.

    PS, I LOVED the call you reference here. It was so validating and empowering, I totally felt the caller shift into a new place.

    • Hey Cordy,

      Yes, we have a vibrational range. You can be at a higher vibration on one topic, and at a lower one on another topic. But as you raise your vibration in any area of your life, it will have an effect on all of them. They will not all rise to the same level immediately, but they will rise from where they are, making any resistance you have more apparent.

      Hope that helps! And yay on the anger!



  • I love this post and it’s so well-timed.

    I have also been exhausted the past few months even though my life is clearing out and I’m getting tons of rest. My diet is also undergoing lots of changes and inconsistencies, alcohol is completely uninteresting to me, and my life in general is showing massive, awesome changes.

    This article goes a long way to soothing some of the nerves that I can have spiked up around all these changes.

    I have seen so so many wonderful things happening in my preferences, choices, and dreams, and manifestations – and I’m so excited for what’s coming up next. 🙂

    Thanks, Melody!

  • I love this!! It is soooooo my life right now. It’s so reassuring to know this is part of a GOOD thing, and that I’m not just losing my marbles. One way in particular that I feel disoriented is that sometimes I can’t seem to understand anything I read. This is not only very frustrating, it’s extremely uncharacteristic — I am a writer and a professional editor. Reading is what I DO. When I get this way I just take it as a sign that it’s time for a break and some rest.

    The flu symptom is very interesting to me. It is sweeping the state where I live right now. Everyone in my family has had it, from my husband and me down to my 5-year-old and my 2-year-old twins. It’s easy to chalk it up as the stomach flu, but when I had it, it was distinctly different. I was sick to my stomach but I didn’t throw up; I was flat-out exhausted and slept all day, then had the shivers and shakes. And then — the strangest part — I began to sweat for two days. The whole experience was EXACTLY what happened when I went on a diet cleanse last year, and I definitely felt cleansed after this flu episode. My mind felt alert and vibrant, my ideas started to flow, and my skin glowed. I have never been more grateful for an “illness” in my life!

  • Melodyyyyy – this post is so timely and helpful (as always!)! Thank you for clarifying this – I feel like I’ve been on a serious roller coaster of pretty much all of these symptoms lately, especially as I seem to be moving into more of my core beliefs ie. I’m unlovable/don’t deserve to be happy, etc. I keep having to remind myself these are all temporary, but sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the rabbit hole and start identifying with the feelings. Whew…this is a relief to read! Thanks for being awesome, and so on point! You da’ bomb! xo

  • YES! Best. Post. Ever. Validating what a lot of us (or those around us) are going through and then guiding us to be easier on ourselves, really listen to our magnificent bodies and to embrace change because it may just be what we’ve always wanted?! I’m here for ALL OF IT! Thank you Mel, THANK YOU!!!!!!! Your video really raised my vibration, even as I’m typing this now, WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! LOL


  • Hi Melody

    Thank You! OMG Yes! I have all of these except the flu symptoms (thank you universe!) I am also experience pressure between my eyes/forehead area..Hello 3rd eye 🙂

    Loving and welcoming the ascension and totally going along for the ride 😀

    Thanks for confirming that it’s ‘normal’.

    Mucho Love,

    Sue B

  • :o) this body is going to the gym and doing yoga…good combination though.

    Symptom 8: You are loosing interest in the other sex.

    All the best.

  • So glad to get this in my inbox this morning. I have been so tired lately and just trying to go with it. And I recently had an ER trip and surgery to remove a cyst on my ovary right after several anger releases in a row–at the time I felt immense relief along the lines of “Oh! well I don’t need that anymore! Let’s get it out!”–like all of the energy work I had been doing about my body image/health was paying off, but the last few weeks I’ve been tired and out of whack (and had a couple more anger releases). I was starting to be worried I was doing this all wrong. Thanks Melody.

  • I resonate with every single one of these with the exception of ascension flu. I haven’t really had any symptoms like that, but here are some symptoms, not mentioned that I’ve experienced and I’m curious if anyone else has had these.

    – Sweating and body odor!!! OMG! I never used to be a big sweater, but now it seems I’m constantly sweating, even when I’m not hot. I have been cold and still sweated. I have to carry deodorant in my purse now. I am constantly reapplying it throughout the day.

    – Also, I experience chill bumps (goose bumps) A LOT! I used to only experience those when I was cold or if I heard a really really good song on the radio, but now I seem to get them for no apparent reason.

    – I get lots of tingling throughout my body but it concentrates around the crown of my head a lot.

    – Another one (one I’m kind of trying not to freak out over too much): I seemed to pick up on what other people are thinking a lot more frequently. It’s almost like a hyper-awareness of other people’s energy. Even people I’m not that close to. Like I’ll be sitting with someone, say something and they’ll say “That’s what I was just thinking”. That seems to be happening more and more. It’s kind of cool, but kind of freaky at the same time. lol

    Those are some things I’ve experienced in addition to what has already been mentioned. It’s definitely been an interesting ride lately. I have a feeling I’ll be living a completely different life by the end of this year! 🙂

  • I’ve had the floaters and the blurrying sensations, exhaustion, whacky eating habits, and definitely the disorientation…if all of these are symptoms of ascension, then I’m no longer going to freak out about them…Thank you for an informative video…

  • I do energy healing work and this is what I’ve been telling my clients! Every emotion or belief we hold on our energy fields (or body) has its physical counterpart in the body a chemical, so, when we release those old emotions or limiting beliefs, the body then needs to purge those chemicals too, hence the detox symptoms. This awareness really helps them not worry about the processing symptoms and they usually leave within a week (or even a couple of days). Thank you for posting it so clearly too!

    • Isabel,
      Is this why after I started practicing LOA and following Melody I started having gallbladder issues and recently got it removed…I feel better now but were the issues a release or resistance?? I can’t figure it out as I am scared if it is resistance that something else will go wrong next….just curious so see your view on this..

      • Hi Karen! I understand how you’re feeling, almost like there may be something lurking in you that you don’t know of and, since you’re not aware of it, it might come out and bite you. I’ve been there. The answer, for me, was understanding what was going on and finding tools to help me release what came up. I firmly believe that our bodies naturally know how to heal themselves and they do it all the time. I can’t tell you exactly what caused your gallbladder issue, but it is usually associated with anger and not allowing yourself to feel it, and not necessarily anger towards a person, it may be heavy stress at work that makes you angry but it’s your livelihood so you won’t feel it (it’s wrong to “bite the hand…” kind of thing) and allow it to move through you.

        And this is the reason our bodies can’t fully heal at times, our inability or unwillingness to feel and allow our emotions to flow through us traps them in our energy body. You can imagine it as having a small cannon ball (trapped emotion) on a soft surface (energy body). Over time that trapped emotion starts to alter the next level of energy density, the body, and that’s where dis-ease comes from. In my experience, it takes quite a while for emotions to actually physically affect us, so we have plenty of time to clear those trapped emotions. And when we do, we not only feel lighter and better emotionally but our body is then free to restore itself (or that body part) back to health.

        So, since this is already quite long, I want you to know that you can release those emotions, and a good one to start with is that fear you’re feeling, as it’s coming from powerlessness and that’s a core one. You can release emotions with whatever techniques you prefer, Melody has quite a few here. You can also look for the “Emotion Code” free ebook, as this is the easiest self healing method I’ve encountered! It helps you identify trapped emotions through muscle testing and then release them. You can look for more info on the Emotion Code on my site too, if you want, as I’m certified in it so I have a pretty comprehensive description of how it works.

        Bottom line (in Melody’s style here!) is that there is nothing outside of you than can assert itself in your experience; you can release the trapped emotions in your body from your past experiences; and your well-being is WAY stronger than imbalances, so it’s a lot easier for you to be well than otherwise. 🙂 Hope this helps and if you’d like to ask anything about the Emotion Code (or anything else), feel free to send me an email (probably will have to be from my site). Hope this helps!

        • Hi Isabel, I’ve been thinking more about the emotions and beliefs affecting the body lately. I have anxiety and I know that contributes to me not feeling great. I will check out your blog post and read more on Emotion Code too. 🙂

          • Yes, please do check the Emotion Code! It gives you a very good explanation of why emotions do affect the body, and it also is a very easy to use tool so you can release those trapped energies! Not the only way to release (not even close!) but it’s good to experiment various energy healing techniques so we can see which ones resonate with us more! Enjoy it! 🙂

        • Thanks for connecting with me, your answer was lovely and I like your site! Thanks again..I know I have many fears and anger..My fears and thoughts are waking me up at night! I have tried many times to do an anger release like Melody said and I just can’t get there..I have had days where I have made time to be alone so I could release some anger but it never really worked..I couldn’t get angry..It was weird..Are they impromptu? Maybe I am more sad than angry as I find it easier to cry sometimes…Anyway, thank you for being there and responding! Take care.

          • I’d say don’t judge yourself or think something is going wrong if you can’t feel and release the anger (or sadness) you know is there. The expectations we put on ourselves (how we should be or feel) sometimes block our ability to really accept and acknowledge where we are now. If you want to try the Emotion Code, it may be easier to start with, because it’s more “technical”, if you can call it that. It’s basically asking your subconscious mind what emotion is active there that’s causing you to feel that way, pinpoint it, and release it. Doesn’t really require you to dig for it and sometimes, that’s all that we chave to do, release things energetically. I promise when you release emotions, you DO feel the difference afterwards, even if you didn’t go through the emotion as you were identifying and releasing it. Sending you lots of love and serenity! 🙂

          • ALL can be regenerated, no exceptions. And the myth that teeth can’t heal is exclusive to our modern day society (same with eyesight too!). You can check out Dr. Weston Price’s work or the book Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel. It will help you let go of that limiting belief, which is the first and most important step in allowing your teeth to heal. 🙂

          • I am actually working on this right now to heal some cavities! His book is amazing…at first I was so stressed about being able to find a way to incorporate the diet changes, but with some positive thinking, I was able to manage getting raw milk from a farm in my town! Teeth can absolutely heal just like any other part of your body. 🙂

  • The part about exhaustion really resonated with me. I’ve never felt more tired in my life. Even after a 10-12 hour night sleep and the occasional mid-day nap I still feel exhausted throughout the day. About a year ago my doctor ran some tests but she couldn’t find anything. Everything was fine. So my conclusion is that it must be something LOA related or a vibrational ‘problem’. The ascension story makes total sense to me (I am now pregnant so the feeling of exhaustion has now quadrupled, YAY).
    I recently came to the realization that ever since I was a little girl I’ve had a strong vision of how I wanted my life to be. I made mood boards and dream house lists before I even knew what LOA was. I now have everything that was on these lists: I have a wonderful boyfriend, baby on the way, a happy shiny overenthusiastic puppy and two silly old cats, I have my own garden – which I all love. I have a job that is not totally satisfactory but my colleagues are nice and the hours are great, so for now I am good. Anyway, I basically got everything I wanted only I am so FUCKING tired all the time and this really puts a damper on everything. I am grateful for the moments my energy level is OK-ish, but at the same time the feeling of exhaustion makes it very hard to feel grateful and happy. When I have a good day –energy wise– I make plans and I see the light at the end of the tunnel. But then the next day I notice I am way too tired to actually do the things I planned the day before. I have now come to a point where I do nothing except for going to work, eating and sleeping. It is like I am almost afraid to let myself dream about all the things could do because it only leads to disappointment. That is, when you don’t have the energy to realize your plans why bother making them…
    Wow, sorry for this not so uplifting story but my point is that the feeling of exhaustion makes everything less fun. It is just so hard to stay positive when you are tired all the time. Anyway, I found it comforting that I am not alone in this, so thank you for this post.

    • Hi Lisa!
      Congrats on your new baby! Is this your first? I just wanted to say really quick that if you are expecting, that is probably why you’re experiencing so much exhaustion (combined with spiritual exhaustion).

      Creating a baby zaps a lot of energy from your body. When I was pregnant, I had never been so tired in my life and I did the same thing: go to work, eat and sleep. That was it! That was all I had energy for.

      I’ve experienced spiritual exhaustion lately but that pales in comparison to pregnancy exhaustion. I don’t know how far along you are but the first and third trimester is usually the toughest, with the middle feeling more like your old self again. 🙂

  • No physical symptoms, but over the past three months things that were gradually evolving in the background have come to the fore and required decisions to be made about them.
    Big stuff like what I have done for a living for over thirty years turning a bit sour and pretty much being no longer viable, a new creative outlet growing into an unexpected way of earning some income, and a realisation that I could happily get by on less resources and live a less pressured life.
    We are also going to move house further into the countryside, so a big change there too. LOA ( especially this blog) and some delving into my resistance and emotional triggers helped me come to terms with it all and stay in a more allowing mode. . . So thanks Melody, whether i agree or disagree (or neither) with what you say it all helps me define my emotional and spiritual ‘position’ on this thing called Life and I feel the better for it. . 😉

  • Hi Melody,

    Thank you – I’ve been waiting on a post like this for a while now!

    I’ve experienced a few of these symptoms over the past year where I really feel like I’ve ‘levelled up’, and this only seems to be getting faster! One that I did write to you about a while back was relating to ‘Disorientation’, and things like I would be looking for an object exactly where I was sure that I left it and it would appear a few days later somewhere completely unexpected. I once read that things like this were a symptom of you literally stepping into a different version of yourself/reality?

    You did once write a post in response to my questions about my first Out of Body Experience, which blew my mind – since then I’ve had numerous experiences similar to this and really enjoy them (I guess that more of these experiences is a symptom too).

    I loved this video not just because this was addressed, but because you come across as extremely authentic (not that you are ever non-authentic, just more so here) in describing your experiences and it really reaffirms that this is all positive stuff and can and should be enjoyed…except the poop, maybe not so much that 😉

  • Dear Melody,

    This post is a life-line for me – thank you!! All of these symptoms apply to me, particularly to do with the body. My whole digestive system is struggling to hold it together and can’t tolerate literally any food at the moment, it’s put me on an enforced fast! Thankfully I’m seeing my doctor this afternoon (a good naturopathic one). I think various micro-organisms are capitalising on the chaos in my gut. I’ve been purging repressed emotion regularly in the last year or so but things have been speeding up very recently, it feels like things are coming to a head. What’s coming out is a whole load of painful stuff that I’ve found difficult to digest, literally. My problem is that I’m ULTRA sensitive, I’ve yet to meet anyone else like me (body/energy work therapists always comment on my strong reactions to their treatments). I feel like a total freak sometimes. My spirit guide reassures me that I can regain great health but my body’s been through so much ill health for so long, and it’s so bad just now, that I sometimes feel that as my spiritual health grows stronger, my life force is just fading away. Melody, do you have an extra word to say to any of us in the ultra sensitive bracket, who may be feeling seriously overwhelmed? Is ultra sensitivity a curse or a double edged sword?

    • Hey Rachel,

      It’s a double edged sword, that’s for sure. First of all, know that your body is healing right now. So, instead of seeing it as getting sicker, know that it’s getting better, even if it’s uncomfortable. Second, don’t push. I know you’ll want to “get through this” and are probably hyper focused on releasing as much as possible, but that can often make things more uncomfortable. Don’t push it, just allow, float, and let the releasing happen (instead of making it happen). It will either way, but you won’t be suffering as much.

      Being ultra sensitive can also be a great gift. You can feel the subtle energies so much better than most. That can be super fun, and it can be amazing validation for you.

      Take it easy, rest, be kind to yourself and don’t push.

      Huge hugs,


      PS: What’s wrong with being a freak? 😉

  • Thank you Melody. I’ve been experiencing weird things happening for quite a while now and even though I read about them on other websites, I still wondered if it was my imagination. The last 18 months have been downright bizarre for me. My life has changed so much, I started to learn about LOA and things have just been moving so fast since then.
    I was inspired to go completely raw and almost vegan overnight, that has raised my vibration, and as a result I am releasing resistance and moving towards my dreams faster than ever. I feel happy all the time, and now when I do have a negative emotion, I know that I can release it, and find a better feeling perspective.
    Sometimes I have spells where I feel as though I am floating, or not in my body. Time seems to have sped up. Sometimes I forget things in the time it takes me to walk from one room to the next, or I temporarily lose my sense of direction or forget where I am. Your post reminded me that’s it’s normal and nothing to worry about, in fact it’s a good thing.

  • Thank you for this post! I was starting to freak out a little about feeling like I’ve been dragged backwards through a bush and then kicked repeatedly in the head by a band of goblin thugs. So tired, lethargic and not motivated to do any of the things I need to get done! This really helps put it all in perspective.

    I was wondering, though, you mention mucus and say that it is purging, but if it is not so much running as constantly ‘stuck’ (sinus), is that still purging or is it showing a physical aspect of stuckness (resistance)?

    The other thing that is very difficult for me is believing that the changes are going to be positive as most of the small shifts I am seeing are in the opposite direction and it gets quite hard to keep focusing on ‘it could get so much better’ when it constantly doesn’t. I guess it still comes back to just being gentle with it. And trying to stop the overactive mind from dissecting every little thing all the time!

    Thank you! Big happy shiny puppy hugs.

    • Also wondering a bit about eyes. I have had an issue with a cloud of floaters for more than a year now and was told that your brain will filter them out after a few months, but they are just getting more and more ‘obvious’ and making it harder to see. I also have been finding that my eyesight is deteriorating quite badly. This is recent and I was wondering if eyes are affected by spiritual work and changes happening. Has anyone else had this?

      • Yes, I’ve had recent issues with floaters as well. I was told they are nothing to worry about and at one point you won’t even be noticing them. Spiritually, I’ve read that if you focus more and more on what makes you happy and feels good, then they will disappear, as they have for some people. Otherwise, you learn to live with them, and keep increasing your vibe. I think mine came about because I was so focused on what I did not like instead of what I wanted my life to be. Just last week I did that again and manifested an upper respiratory illness, so your vibe is they key

        • I noticed more floaters last November. I went to the eye hospital and was told my eyes are fine. I have health anxiety and in the last year, especially the last few months, I feel like it’s just gone crazy, especially in relation to my eyes! I’m trying to work on it with CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) techniques and spiritual exercises. Not implying that either of you have health anxiety, that’s just how it’s been for me. 🙂

          In relation to the floaters, I’ve calmed down a bit about them now. I haven’t been noticing them as much, although I do see some (I’ve been noticing them today) but haven’t been worrying as much. If you haven’t had your eyes tested for a while Edelweiss, it might be good to go and get them done just for peace of mind. 🙂 (I don’t know what country you’re in and how it works there but in the UK they recommend tests once every 2 years).

          Here’s more information about floaters that you might find useful: http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/floaters/Pages/Introduction.aspx

  • Definitely going through some of these right now! And insomnia…thank you for sharing this Melody it helps put things in perspective!

    • Insomnia remedy, walk for 20-30 minutes early in the morning and experience the dawn. Receive tremendous energy and it’s like resetting the internal clock for me.

  • Haha omg! Thank you for sharing this post. I was definitely purging and sleeping a lot last year, ( I understood it was due to leveling up) butthis year so far I am disoriented ???????????? hundred times a day I walk in to a room and have no clue why I went there. I don’t make it a big deal but fun to get this type of connection with it, since I didn’t see it myself. Manifestations coming in faster as well, which is so nice, I take it as a big reward from all the conscious work I have been doing.
    I’m kinder to myself around food as well, I chose better options and have almost no guilt left when I eat candy or whatever.

    Love the depth of the posts that are coming now. 🙂 exactly the type of information which I want to be reading/listening to.

    The time thing OMG so much fun!!! Will play around with it for suuuuure.

    Have a great day! Thank you ????

  • Once again, Melody, you’ve read my mail. Thank you for speaking the language of my soul, and giving me some much-needed clarity and understanding. The things I’ve been feeling and experiencing these past five months are unprecedented…every “symptom” except for number one. I was beginning to think I must be doing something terribly wrong. (Why do I still go there?). Now, thanks to your blog, and realize I’m simply experiencing “growing pains!” What a relief!

  • Melody, I think it’s more likely you are suffering a come down after your Ayahuasca trips. Depletion of feel-good neurotransmitters (noradrenaline, dopamine, gabba etc.) will explain most of those uncomfortable physical and mental symptoms.

    • Hey CJ,

      There is a come down, it usually lasts about a month for me (after an intensive retreat in Peru), but it’s a separate thing from what I was describing in this video.



  • I just wanted to say thank you, not just for this post but for all of them. So many times it feels like you are talking/writing directly to me about what is going on in my life at that moment 🙂 Love it
    Thanks again

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